Why Buy Natural Diamonds?

Diamonds are unequivocally beautiful. In our society, we hold them in high esteem as they express wealth, and are an enduring symbol of love, romance, commitment and longevity. We have all heard the iconic saying: ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, made famous by Marilyn Monroe’s performance in the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But, is this still true in 2019? Are diamonds still a girls’ (or boys’) best friend?

Nowadays, there are so many different stones and diamond alternatives on the market, both real and synthetic, that it can be confusing to know which to choose for a piece of jewellery or engagement ring. With all these options available to us, what makes real, natural diamonds so special? Why buy diamonds compared to their synthetic alternatives?


Natural Diamond vs. Synthetic Diamond

Let’s go back in time for second, around 3 billions years to be precise, and look into the origin of natural diamonds. Where do they come from? They were formed over 3 billion years ago within the earth's mantle under huge amounts of intense pressure and high temperatures, which caused carbon atoms to crystalise and form diamonds. It is the natural origin of real diamonds that makes them unique. They are a phenomenal natural occurrence on this planet, and absolutely one of a kind.

The origin of synthetic diamonds are slightly different; they are lab-grown by humans. The process involves scientists taking a small diamond crystal and growing it layer by layer. Therefore, they do contain the same crystal lattice structure as natural diamonds.

When we want to show a loved one how special they are or how much they mean to us, only the gift of a unique diamond fully encapsulates this. With such powerful meaning and highly symbolic messaging contained within each small sparkly precious stone, it's easy to see why we love them so much. But, above all, the remarkable beauty and unique characteristics of natural diamonds lie in the fact they were formed naturally, billions of years ago. Compared to synthetic ones, which were grown in a lab over a few weeks.

Synthetic Moissanite

In addition to synthetic diamonds, there is an increasingly popular trend of using synthetic moissanite instead of real natural diamonds in jewellery, particularly engagement rings. Unlike synthetic diamonds, which stem from natural diamonds, synthetic moissanite is not a diamond, nor a diamond substitute; it’s an alternative to a genuine diamond. Synthetic moissanite is also lab-grown, but it is not formed from the same gemstone, nor does it contain the same crystal lattice structure as diamonds. Moissanite quite literally comes from the stars above us, as it fell to earth in a meteorite. Similar to diamond, it is another rare stone that is now thermally grown using silicon carbide crystals in a lab.

Synthetic moissanite is an appealing diamond alternative as it looks very similar; it has a brilliant sparkle, white colour and mesmerising facets. Although they look very similar in appearance, they have very different characteristics. The most distinctive difference between them is that they sparkle differently. Synthetic moissanite has a higher refractive index compared to diamonds, meaning it has a higher level of sparkle due to its ability to disperse light better but due the to its chemical makeup it has a yellow tint, similar to low colour grade natural diamonds.

Both synthetic moissanite and natural diamonds are durable, beautiful and tough gemstones. But, synthetic diamonds and moissanite are still grown by humans in a lab; they haven’t endured the same, naturally impressive and significant journey as diamonds.


Benefit and Value of Buying Natural Diamond

There are a number of benefits to purchasing real, natural diamonds. How incredible is it to think that the gemstone in your jewellery is billions of years old, and was created in the earth beneath you feet? It’s more than just any ol’ gemstone. Diamonds last forever. This rare stone’s name derives from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means ‘unconquerable’. So it is easy to draw parallels with how this meaning lends itself well to the commemoration of eternal love, as well as their physical durability.

Going back to the well-known phrase (“diamonds are a girl’s best friend”) quoted at the start of this blog, it insinuates the promise of a diamond as a sign of commitment from their partner. Diamonds are an investment; they display and make a point of expressing how important someone is to you. As diamonds are durable, they contain the symbolism of lasting forever and the ability to survive adversity.

If you want authenticity, and to convey the qualities that only real diamonds have, then natural really is the way to go. Natural diamonds are more durable over time compared to any other substance - an ideal choice for everyday wear. The origin and formation of natural diamonds is what makes them special compared to their synthetic alternatives. Earth-mined, natural diamonds are nature’s form of art. They are one-of-a kind gemstones, and still remain a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend.


Discover Our Diamond Collection

We have a beautiful range of diamond jewellery in our showrooms, including elegant bracelets, necklaces and beautiful rings. A few brands we stock include Hans Krieger, Clogau, Andrew Geoghegan, and our stunning Portfolio of Fine Diamonds collection. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for someone special, you want to treat yourself, or find the perfect engagement ring for your fiance-to-be, you can’t go wrong with diamonds and our friendly staff in Northampton and Banbury can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we have a beautiful and elegant collection of diamonds, if you are interested you can fill out an online enquiry form, call us on 01604 632 548, or visit one of our branches in Northampton or Banbury for a consultation today.


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