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  • Choosing Jewellery to Accessorise with a ‘Classic Blue’ Outfit

    Pantone has announced their colour of the year for 2020 is “Classic Blue” (19-4052), which is great news for lovers of the colour blue, and all those who have blue clothing in their wardrobe. This is the year for all things blue and beautiful; so dust off those blue dresses, t-shirts and trousers, now’s the time (and what a perfect reason it is) to wear that ‘classic blue’ outfit. ...
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  • How A New Garmin Watch Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolution

    Hello, 2020! It’s that time of year again when everyone is making new year’s resolutions with the hope to spark positive change in their lives. Making new year’s resolutions is a universally celebrated tradition that allows us all to self-reflect and a chance to self-improve as we head into a new year, and decade. Often the focus of our resolutions is on fitness or improving our overall health. And...
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  • Why Buy Natural Diamonds?

    Diamonds are unequivocally beautiful. In our society, we hold them in high esteem as they express wealth, and are an enduring symbol of love, romance, commitment and longevity. We have all heard the iconic saying: ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, made famous by Marilyn Monroe’s performance in the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But, is this still true in 2019? Are diamonds still a girls’ (or boys’) best friend? ...
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  • Brand Spotlight: Deakin & Francis

    Bespoke, handmade British design of the finest quality that dates back to the Industrial Revolution.  Jewellery pieces oozing personality to bring something different to your style. This month we are celebrating Deakin & Francis, a brand Michael Jones Jeweller are proud to represent. Have a look at our favourite pieces from Deakin & Francis and make your outfit that little bit more special.  Menswear has taken the spotlight in...
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  • How To Look After Your Jewellery

    When we have a beautiful or expensive piece of jewellery that we love and cherish, we want it to look aesthetically pleasing and to sparkle forever. Caring for, and looking after your jewellery, is important and integral to it keeping that sparkle. We believe that you should take care of your jewellery as you would your favourite item of clothing. Yes, diamonds are forever, and with proper care they can...
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  • A Guide to the Perfect Engagement Rings

    A Guide to the Perfect Engagement Rings The engagement ring is a special symbol for two people to share. It represents commitment, love and dedication to one another and represents a promise before marriage that they will share their lives together. Whether you decide to invest in a modern ring or a more traditional ring, this will represent the love and commitment you have between you and your loved one. ...
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  • Summer Wedding Jewellery For Guests: Top 5 Pieces For Men

    The summer season has always popular amongst brides and grooms. The hot and sunny weather can make it difficult for guests to decide on what to wear, especially as it is so unpredictable in the UK. Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we want to make the decision on how to style your outfit easier for you, so we have outlined our top favourite gents’ accessories ready for the summer wedding...
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  • Summer Wedding Jewellery For Guests: Women’s Wedding Jewellery

    Women’s Wedding Jewellery Wedding Season is finally upon us, the invitations are stacking up and the outfits are finally arranged. Although your wedding guest outfit is a crucial factor, the jewellery you decide to wear is also a big consideration. The right jewellery can help to elevate an outfit and really bring it together. A wedding is a formal occasion that gives you the opportunity to explore and have fun...
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  • Congratulations to Amber, our Scholarship Recipient on her Graduation.

    Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amber Rawlins who graduated this week from her fashion textiles course from the University of Northampton. Amber was one of the first recipients of our scholarship to help young undergraduates in their studies. Our scholarship provides two local students with £9000 funding over the three years of their course to give them a helpful start in their chosen field. At Michael Jones Jeweller we...
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  • Find Your Holiday Jewellery With Michael Jones Jeweller

    Summer is upon us and many of you will be starting to update your summer wardrobe ready for your holidays or those sunny days spent at garden parties. Whilst buying the right clothes is a very important aspect, don’t forget about your jewellery! Having the right pieces on your hands, wrists or around your neck can really help complete an outfit and show off your own personal style. Michael Jones...
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