Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

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Vintage inspired engagement rings continue to be a popular choice for their romance, uniqueness, and their elegant nod to history. Imbued with the glamour and charisma of the past, vintage inspired engagement rings have all the character of true vintage jewellery whilst keeping the flawlessness and sparkle of modern jewellery.

Why Choose A Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring?

If you know that the special lady in your life has a love of vintage, you might be debating whether to get a true vintage engagement ring or a vintage inspired engagement ring. While true vintage rings have an individuality that can’t be recreated in today's jewellery, the style and presence of vintage rings can be recreated with more beautiful diamonds, better and stronger precious metals, and exquisite craftsmanship. Vintage inspired engagement rings are also easier to find, have many more options to choose from, and come with certificated diamonds by the world’s leading diamond laboratories.

Diamond engagement rings are widely considered to be the best, most meaningful, and most beautiful type of engagement ring you can buy. However, as any fiance-to-be could tell you, choosing an engagement ring isn’t all about finding the biggest diamond you can afford. The perfect engagement ring is one of the most important things to a future bride - it has to suit her style, taste, personality and reflect her worth. Vintage inspired engagement rings are good to consider when looking at your options because they make a statement in their own right, as well as the sheer range of different styles inspired by different periods of time available. Finding the perfect ring that has personality whilst remaining both impressive and charming is easier when you have such a wonderful and extensive variety of vintage inspired engagement rings available.

At Michael Jones Jewellers we only sell engagement rings with diamonds that have been hand-picked by our team of experienced buyers, gemologists and registered valuers, ensuring that the quality of your diamonds are the very best. Every diamond we sell has been certificated by one of the world's leading diamond laboratories including GIA, IGI and HRD. We’re engagement rings specialists, and have a beautiful range of vintage inspired engagement rings to choose from, featuring stunning, sparkling diamonds set in the finest of precious metals.

Our Top Picks For Vintage Engagement Rings

Platinum Set Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.50ct Centre - Brilliant Cut
Product Code: GP00122
Price: £3,425
View Here

Platinum Set Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.33ct Centre - Marquise Cut
Product Code: GP00405
Price: £1,825
View Here

18ct Yellow Gold Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.40ct Centre - Emerald Cut
Product Code: GP00334
Price: £2,080
View Here

Platinum Set Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.90ct Centre - Brilliant Cut
Product Code: GPOC026364
Price: £7,035
View Here

Platinum Set Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.70ct Centre - Pear Cut
Product Code: GP00112
Price: £4,175
View Here

Platinum Set Cluster Diamond Ring, 0.38ct Centre, Brilliant Cut
Product Code: GP00528
Price: £4,815


Engagement Rings At Michael Jones Jewellers

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