Children’s Jewellery Gifts for Any Occasion

Children’s Jewellery Gifts for Any Occasion

A beautiful piece of jewellery can be the perfect gift to give to a child, no matter what the occasion is. Children’s jewellery can be very rewarding if you’re looking to give something special to the little person in your life. Whether it’s for a birthday, christening, bridesmaid favour or just a treat for being good, children’s jewellery can be worn on a regular basis, saved for special occasions or kept as keepsakes. There are many choices available to suit any child's personality or interests, whether buying online or in a retail shop.

Baby Bangles

A child’s jewellery collection usually begins with a baby bangle, a popular item of children’s jewellery. Suitable for both boys and girls, it can be given just after the birth of a child, at a Christening or first birthday. Baby bangles are a great option for those who want to give a keepsake to a child which can later become an heirloom to pass down. Baby bangles are usually expandable which allows it to be easily adjusted as the baby grows and keeps it secure. Baby bangles can come in a patterned design, or they can be plain, with the option of engravings of your choice for a personalised gift.

This plain sterling silver D for Diamond baby bangle has a raised edge design and features a single diamond, making it perfect for a Baby’s First Diamond gift. A timeless piece, that is simple and classic and won’t go out of style, making ideal for a treasured keepsake to hand down to future generations. We also have beautifully engraved baby bangles available.

Girl’s Earrings

Another popular item of children’s jewellery is earrings. Many young girls are having their ears pierced and the number grows every year. It is considered a rite of passage for young girls to get their ears pierced as it makes them feel grown up, feminine and brave. Because getting your ears pierced is a big step for any young girl, having a set of special earrings for special occasions to show off is the perfect gift idea. Buying earrings is a great option for girl’s who enjoy dressing up, playing with toy jewellery and copying their older sisters. It can give young girls a sense of identity and allows them to explore their personality and personal tastes.

Beautifully styled in sterling silver and plated with yellow gold, these delightful little star earrings sparkle with a tiny diamond. Fun and pretty, these will be the perfect addition to any little girl’s jewellery collection. We also offer beautiful silver butterfly earrings and stunning rose-gold rose earrings from the same collection.

Children’s Necklaces

Another option for children’s jewellery is a necklace. There are many types of fun and beautiful necklaces available for children, but we recommend a locket. A children's locket is a wonderful option for keeping small memories in, which can be cherished for a lifetime. A small photo, a lock of hair, even a baby tooth can be kept. A locket is one of the most sentimental pieces of children’s jewellery that can be given and come in a variety of timeless designs which can be personalised inside and out. Engravings can add another layer of affection and adds a truly personal touch.

The D For Diamond polished heart locket features an ethically sourced genuine diamond which twinkles from the bale. This beautiful piece of children's jewellery is one of the most popular, best-selling pieces as it is such a pretty and timeless choice. Perfect as a christening keepsake or a special gift, this charming locket is perfect for any girl. You really can't go wrong with this one. You may also like this simplistic and classically styled heart pendant.

Children’s Watches

If you’re stuck on what children’s jewellery piece is right for your occasion, it might be worth considering a watch instead. A child's first 'grown-up' watch can be a rite of passage, giving them a sense of maturity and independence with something special to look after. When buying a children’s watch it's important to choose something durable, age-appropriate and something they can show off.

This beautiful D for Diamond wristwatch featuring a genuine diamond on the dial and a pink leather strap is the perfect option for a girl’s first watch. She’ll love the pretty pink heart decoration on the watch face and the numbers are clear to read. The strap has several holes allowing for plenty of growing room so she can enjoy it for years to come. There is also a boy’s D For Diamond wristwatch available with a genuine blue leather strap.

Children’s Jewellery at Michael Jones Jeweller

At Michael Jones Jeweller we stock the UK’s most popular and well-known children’s jewellery brand, D for Diamond. Each piece of jewellery holds a genuine diamond stone set into each piece to make it extra special. If you’re looking for a special children’s jewellery gift that can be cherished and treasured for years to come, D for Diamond is the perfect choice for keepsakes for Christenings, birthdays, and bridesmaids. At Michael Jones Jeweller we also offer engraving services so that you can personalise your gift for an extra layer of love and charm.

We have showrooms in both Northampton and Banbury, so if you live locally to those areas you can pop in and see our collection of children’s jewellery. Alternatively, you can also browse and shop our D for Diamond collection online. Our friendly staff in all of our showrooms are always more than happy to assist you with your gift buying and can recommend the best children’s jewellery and offer excellent advice on your perfect gift. We can also assist you with our engraving services or ear piercing services. In Northampton, we’re based on Gold Street and in the Grosvenor Centre; in Banbury, we’re on the High Street. To get in touch with us, ring any of our showrooms; for Gold Street it’s 01604 632 548, for Grosvenor Centre it’s 01604 636 633 and for Banbury it’s 01295 263 540. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will happily get in touch.