Engelsrufer Tree of Life Silver Yellow and Rose Gold Plated Pendant


The modern design of this Engelsrufer Paradise captivates by its modest elegance.

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Product Description

The modern design of this Engelsrufer Paradise captivates by its modest elegance.

The pendent embraces a pearly chime which can easily be exchanged ad libitum by opening the cage. Thus, you have the possibility to individually shape and customize your Engelsrufer Paradise according to your style, mood or sentiment by simply changing the chime. Thereby, your Engelsrufer is an extraordinary and individual piece of jewellery. Gentle swinging of your Engelsrufer Paradise while wearing creates a subtle sound which soothes and arouses harmony and balance. It is your personal talisman protecting you day by day. It takes all your experiences and tells your story of life. The chimes are available in nine different colours, each with its own distinctive sound. White: represents brilliant flawlessness, innocence, purity and immortality. Black: dominates the light, the shine, is elegant and mysterious. Rose: is gentle and tender, gives hope and calms in difficult times. Green: represents hope, health, balance and honesty. Red: is the colour of warmth. It arouses passion, fire, strength and love. Turquoise: represents balance, honesty, communication and self-confidence. Blue: yields change. It supports responsibility and concentration. Purple: strengthens independence and freedom of opinion. It supports balance. Gold: is the colour of pure brilliance. It boosts well-being. The Engelsrufer is made of rhodium plated 925-sterling silver. The gauzy rhodium plating protects your pendent from corroding, conserves its brilliant shine and provides an extraordinary wearing comfort.

Product Details

Brand: Engelsrufer - Angel Whisperer
Product Type: Pendants
SKU: FE00260
Material: Rose gold plated, silver, yellow gold plated
Product type: Pendants
Recipient: For her

Additional Specification

Model reference ER-20-TREE-M-TRICO
Collections: All Jewellery, Engelsrufer Jewellery, Neckwear, Silver Jewellery, Swiss Made Watches