A Statement from Fabergé

A Statement from Fabergé


Monday 7th March 2022

Having received a number of enquiries, Fabergé wishes to clarify that:

a. Fabergé is a UK-based jeweller and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gemfields Group Limited, a company listed on the London (AIM) and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

b. A partner-operated Fabergé boutique in Kiev and an additional point of sale in Odessa have been closed due to the war. We remain in contact with their wonderful team.

c. Fabergé has no sales network or team members in Russia.

d. Fabergé does not source or manufacture in Russia (save for a set of wedding bands delivered in October 2020 for the wedding of Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov and Victoria Romanovna Bettarini).

e. Fabergé is not affiliated with either The Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden (Germany) or The Fabergé Museum in St Petersburg (Russia).

Like so many others, Fabergé is appalled by the developments in Ukraine.

We hope and wish for a swift end to the suffering, and our thoughts and prayers go to all persons - of any nationality - who are caught or involved in the hostilities against their will.

Culture and the arts promote understanding and build bridges. They are more important than ever.

The Fabergé family, then French Huguenots and known as “Favri”, fled religious persecution in France in the 17th century as refugees. The Russian Revolution of 1917 resulted in the Fabergé family having to flee Russia as refugees, leaving their homes and business behind. They sought refuge in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. Today, UK-based Sarah Fabergé, the great-granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé, is Head of the Fabergé Heritage Council and Director of Fabergé Special Projects.

Fabergé’s initial efforts to lend assistance in the current crisis, include:

1. Donations to Save The Children, Médecins Sans Frontières and Unicef;
2. Contributing a further GBP 9.00 for every GBP 1.00 donated by any of our team members to the aforementioned charitable causes;
3. Making available (subject to UK employment regulations) two internships in our London office for refugees.

In support of peace,
The Fabergé Team