Ear Piercing

We offer an ear-piercing service in our Grosvenor Centre showroom where we have trained, caring members of staff who will make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have a quiet area in our showroom that is away from the windows allowing a calm and relaxed atmosphere for the procedure, away from onlookers. A few things to note: 

In order to ensure the best possible outcome on the day and through the healing process, we only pierce ear lobes and only in those aged 7 years old and above

Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

We only pierce first and second piercings in earlobes. We do not offer cartilage piercing or any other body part!

We pierce with a gun using pre-loaded sterile earrings so there is no need to touch the earrings, reducing the risk of complications

We do not pierce both ears at the same time. This is done in many other stores as it is a faster process, however, any movement of the head or a slight delay in timing between two piercers can cause the earrings to become misaligned. We always do one ear at a time to ensure the best possible results

Please seek professional medical advice prior to booking an appointment if you have any concerns regarding health issues such as cardio-vascular problems, dysfunction of the nervous system, diabetes, poor healing capacity, epilepsy, hepatitis and HIV

We request customers book an appointment to make use of the ear-piercing service. This way, we can make it a smooth process and avoid any queues which may increase nervousness!

If you do come to see us without an appointment, please avoid lunch hours (12-2pm) as stores can be busy at this timeWe cannot guarantee you will be able to be seen without an appointment; to avoid disappointment, call ahead prior to your visit to check there is availability


The Earrings

We have a variety of earring designs to choose from:

  • Titanium Ball Studs: £40.00
  • 14ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold Ball Studs: £70.00
  • 14ct White Gold Studs 3mm Claw Set with Cubic Zirconia: £70.00
  • 18ct Yellow Gold Ball Studs: £90.00

    14ct White Gold Studs 3mm Claw Set with Diamonds: £205.00

All prices include a bottle of aftercare solution and we do not charge for the ear piercing service itself.

If you would like to discuss the earring options or if you have any concerns, please contact us using the form below or contact our Grosvenor Centre store directly.


Ear Piercing Booking Request

Please fill out the following form and our team will get back to you ASAP in relation to your service request.