Our goldsmiths are masters of their craft

With a bespoke service you are able to design a piece of jewellery exactly to your specifications with the help of our master goldsmiths to create a one-of-a-kind, unique item of jewellery you can pass down for generations.

Expert Guides a Customer

First Consultation

When you first meet with one of our goldsmiths, they will be trying to get a feel for what you are looking for.

They may take notes, draw some quick sketches and will include a discussion on what you like and do not like. It is always helpful if you can bring in some images of items that inspire you to get our goldsmiths on the right track.

If we are using some of your existing stones or jewellery, then make sure you bring this with you and be prepared to leave it with our goldsmiths, so they can measure it and incorporate it into the design.

Bespoke ring design sketch

Design & Estimate

Our goldsmith will get back to you within an agreed timeframe with a rough sketch of their ideas and an estimate.

This may be a good time to meet back up in store to make any adjustments and alternations to the design. We want you to be happy with the finished piece so do not be afraid to request changes at this point. There is no charge for this initial part of the design process and ultimately, we want to help you realise your vision for your bespoke piece.

Computer-aided-design model of a bespoke ring in platinum with diamonds

CAD Drawings

Sometimes, to hand make a piece of jewellery would be too time consuming or wasteful of precious materials.

This is when computer modelling is needed. In these situations, our goldsmith will digitally draw up the design using our advanced computer software. This will produce a three-dimensional model that can be viewed as a high quality rendered image for you to approve before making the item. We are also able to 3D print these designs so you can get a feel of the size and fit of the piece proceeding to the next stage.

Our goldsmith working in the workshop

Hands On Manufacture

Most jewellery making requires an extensive amount of hands-on manufacture, often in conjunction with computer aided design but in some cases the entire process is done by hand, only using very limited machinery.

In such creations the way an individual craftsman designs and works is transmitted into the final piece. Just as handwriting is infinitely varied, you can take delight in knowing your jewellery is lovingly hand crafted and completely unique.

yellow and white gold bespoke ring made using customer's own diamonds

Finished Piece

The final stage of the process is for the piece to be hand finished.

The stones are set, and the piece is polished ready for the final unveiling. With a bespoke service you are able to get exactly the piece of jewellery you require to your specifications and be instrumental in its design and conception.

Bespoke Jewellery Enquiry

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