Our Watch Workshops

We have two watch workshops, one in our Gold Street Showroom and one in our Banbury Showroom, both have recently been refurbished and are fully equipped with the latest tools to get the best from your timepieces.

Our watchmakers are all trained to the highest standard, attending regular training sessions in the industry and by individual brands to ensure that they have all the necessary skills and experience to repair the latest calibres of movement and have access to genuine parts.

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In 2017 we were awarded Authorised Rolex Service Centre plaque status.

This means we are authorised to perform Rolex guarantee repairs due to the very high standard of work from our watch makers.

Learn more about our in-house service centre and the Rolex servicing procedure.

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Watch Servicing

Much like your car, your watch has many moving parts that need regular care to keep it working its best and keeping good time.

If you find that your watch has stopped, is gaining or losing time, doesn’t hold its charge for as long as it should then it may be time for a full service to the watch. We usually recommend this every 5-7 years. Automatic watches are made up of many precision parts that can wear over time, lubricating oils can dry up and dirt and dust can get inside.

As part of a full service, the watch is fully dismantled and cleaned. Each part is inspected and replaced as necessary. It is then reassembled, oiled and the timekeeping adjusted to perform at its best. Depending on the brand of watch and the brands individual procedures, we may also refinish the case and bracelet, fit a new Perspex glass where appropriate and fit new crowns and winders. The seals of the watch will also be changed and the watch tested for its approved water resistance.

We are authorised to service brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Longines and many more.

We only use genuine authorised parts and offer the same service and guarantee that you would receive if the watch was returned back to the manufacturer for repair but often with a faster turnaround and a personalised face to face service.

Servicing and Repairs - Watchmaker repairing a watch

Battery Replacement

If you find that your quartz watch has stopped or the hands are jumping at 4/5 second intervals then it is an indication that it needs a new cell.

We do not change batteries on the shop floor, each is taken to our workshop and is completed by one of our highly qualified watchmakers along with a visual check of the watch to highlight any potential issues.

We will always recommend a water test and reseal of water resistant watches when the cell is changed to give you the peace of mind that the watch is sealed tightly and with proper care will not allow water inside the case. All of our battery replacements come with a 12month warranty.

Rolex Watch

Water Test & Reseal

Most watches have a water resistance guide stamped on the back of the case.

The numbers, regardless of whether it is atmospheres, bars or meters, relate to the pressure that your watch can withstand before water gets into the watch. It can be confusing to see that your watch is “water resistant to 30m” only to find that it is only splash resistant and not designed to be used under water. The meters unit is stating that the watch can withstand the pressure of being static 30m underwater. Unfortunately, diving into a pool or standing under a power shower for example may exert a higher water pressure onto your watch and force water inside the case.

If you use your watch in or around water we recommend that you have a water test and reseal regularly. Your watch
will have a seal around the case-back, the glass, the crown and in any pushers and valves on the side of the case – over time these can wear and deteriorate. A test in our specialised pressure chamber will indicate whether it needs the seals replacing. If this is required we will perform a mini maintenance service on your watch, which includes a new battery, replacement seals and a full clean of your watch.

If water has entered your watch, we can dry it out for you but it will almost certainly need a service as water can bring with it debris and chemicals that can cause problems within a movement.

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Clean & Refinish

hether your watch has been significantly damaged and scratched or simply looking a bit tired, we can clean and polish the case and bracelet to get it looking as close to new as possible.

We have a dedicated watch polishing room with ultrasonic cleaners, steam jets, various polishing mops and compounds designed for creating a polished or grained finish to steel or gold watches.

Our expert is servicing a watch

Replacement Parts

If your watch is broken or damaged and needs replacement parts, we can help.

Perhaps the glass is scratched or chipped, the clasp loose, the crown missing or the strap worn. Depending on the watch brand, these repairs will be carried out in-house by one of our watch makers or if this is not possible your time piece can be returned to the manufacturer.

Pop in to see us and we can arrange a no obligation estimate for any repairs needed.

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