Highest Standards & Equipment

As maintenance is such an important part of owning jewellery to ensure it lasts for years to come, we invest heavily in the equipment our goldsmiths use so they can practice their craft to the very highest of standards.

This means your precious jewellery items will be repaired using the most advanced technology we have available minimising risk and helping increase the longevity of your items.

Our goldsmith working in the workshop
Our Goldsmith laser-welding

Laser Welding

A few years ago, we invested in a laser welder for our jewellery room, much to the excitement of our goldsmiths.

This high-tech piece of equipment means that we can offer many more repairs than we could previously and with a much better finish. Many jewellers traditionally use a gas flame to solder metal together using solder to fuse the join. With a laser weld, we can weld metal to metal with no need to add foreign solder. This creates a cleaner, stronger and more precise join.

With the laser, although hotter, the heat is more concentrated, allowing us to repair items that have heat sensitive gemstones with minimal risk of damage.

Our goldsmith working in the workshop


Another investment into the jewellery room recently is a micro-setting bench for our head goldsmith.

This delicate piece of equipment allows us to set the tiniest of diamonds perfectly using a microscope. Pave settings, for example, involved rows are rows of diamonds to be set almost touching with the most discrete claws to keep them in place.

This is a highly skilled technique to master and almost impossible to accomplish without the best tools and equipment. We can now offer not only bespoke jewellery that involves the most delicate of gem setting, but we can also offer repairs and stone replacements jewellery that many other jewellers are unable to do.

Our goldsmiths in the workshop

CAD Drawings & 3D Printing

Sometimes, to hand make a piece of jewellery would be too time consuming or wasteful of precious materials.

This is when computer modelling is needed. In these situations, our goldsmith will digitally draw up the design using our advanced computer software. This will produce a three-dimensional model that can be viewed as a high quality rendered image for you to approve before making the item.

We are also able to 3D print these designs in house so you can get a feel of the size and fit of the piece proceeding to the next stage of the Bespoke Design process.

Jewellery Repair Request

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