Best Jewellery Trends for 2020

image of a pearl pendant
When we think of the '20s’, we picture glistening jewellery, elegant and long flowing dresses, accompanied with beautiful and stylish accessories. As we’ve entered a new decade, naturally we wanted our style to match this fresh new feeling. To add a little colour or sparkle to an outfit this year, why not start with jewellery. New jewellery, particularly items that you can work into your wardrobe and transform every outfit into something truly special and unique, is a must. Here are the main jewellery trends that will be impossible to resist this year, but then, why would you want to!

What are the Top 12 Jewellery Trends for 2020?

1. Single Earrings

image of a silver single earring Shaun Leane Sterling Silver Single Talon Earring - £90.00 

The first on our list is the trend of wearing single earrings. Yes that’s right, earrings are going solo this year. ‘How do you achieve this stylish and brave new look?’, I hear you ask. Well, our advice is to go for a single statement earring. You want an earring that can hold its own; one that makes a statement and shines solo in this brave, exciting new decade. If you decide on an earring that is on the slightly large size, opt for the ‘less is more’ approach as this will highlight your ear lobes better. If you’re after a singular earring, our Shaun Leane Sterling Silver Single Talon Earring is perfect for achieving this daring and innovative new look.


2. Art Inspired Earrings

Les Georgettes Liens Brass and Yellow Gilt Earrings - £76.00 

The next on our list of trendy jewellery for 2020 is ‘art inspired earrings’. Arty earrings can complete any outfit by adding a unique twist. They are big and bold often with abstract shapes, thin lines and colourful patterns. Not only are they incredibly enchanting but they are also exciting to wear and look at. Art inspired earrings can transform a seemingly ordinary outfit; they can make an everyday outfit consisting of jeans and a t-shirt seem exciting, different and innovative. They can be based on famous paintings so if you’re an avid art history fan, then this fashionable jewellery trend is the one for you. There is nothing cooler than wearing a historical work of art as an earring piece, particularly when it is one that captures a unique and exquisite design or your favourite artwork.


3. Reworked Pearl Jewellery

 South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings - £5,035.00

As we become increasingly more aware about our environmental impact on the planet, naturally the way we source jewellery for ourselves changes. One of the popular new jewellery trends for 2020 is an increase in remodeling, upcycling or reworking jewellery to create bespoke new pieces and designs. Pearls are one of the many pieces of jewellery that can be reworked, allowing you to redefine this exquisite gemstone and turn it into something you’ll continue to love and wear. Classic pearls are being reimagined into modern styles, from single drop earrings to layered necklaces and beautiful bracelets. What makes this jewellery trend stylish for 2020 is the attitude you wear these reworked pearls, and how you pair them. Pearls are timeless, and with a little reworking they can suit more contemporary styles and outfit designs.


4. Shell Jewellery

 Clogau Yellow Windsor Pearl Pendant - £560.00

Shell jewellery is an ocean inspired jewellery trend that is set to be perfect for the summer months. This piece of jewellery is for days and evenings spent at the beach, or wandering around a new city basking in the sun. As the age old saying goes: the bigger shells, the better.


5. Link Bracelets

image of gold plated linked bracelet Ti Sento Yellow Gold Plated Linked Bracelet - £129.00

This year we expect to see a rise in link bracelets, particularly ones that are chunky and made of yellow gold. This Ti Sento bracelet is the perfect versatile statement jewellery piece to accompany any outfit whether trying to achieve a chic daytime look or a stylish evening attire.  


6. Chunky Choker Necklaces

  - - - Bastian Brushed Silver Interlocking Necklace - £545.00

This style of necklace first gained notable popularity in popular culture during the 1990s when ‘gothic’ girls wore them. But, choker style necklaces have been around for centuries. Many ancient civilisations wore this type of jewellery for protection or power, believing that the jewellery was infused with special powers that would protect their neck. Nowadays, we wear choker necklaces for slightly different reasons, and mainly because they’re fashionable. This year, the bigger, and more chunkier the better when it comes to wearing a chunky choker.


7. Brightly Coloured Jewellery

Amore Silver Rainbow Cocktail Necklace  - £99.50

Whether you’re comfortable in your daily vibrant colour choices, or you want to shake things up a bit, then you’re in luck. You can spice up your outfits this year with some bright colourful jewellery. When it comes to brightly coloured jewellery, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Be bold, be daring, and remember that the more ‘mishmash’ the easier it is to pair with items in your wardrobe. Purchasing a wide range of brightly coloured jewellery opens up a whole spectrum of shades to coordinate with. And, who doesn’t love multiple options?


8. Lariat Necklaces

Fope Maori 18ct Yellow and White Gold Lariat Necklace - £4,545.00

The lariat necklace is another timeless piece of jewellery that has survived history. It is making a major modern comeback with its vintage style this year. For those wondering what a lariat necklace is, it is named after a rope in the form of a lasso - think, cowboys. A lariat loop is secured with a special knot that allows you to slide it open or closed without coming apart. Often lariat necklaces are worn looped around the neck with no specific clasp on either end. Lariat necklaces can be found in a range of different styles including thin and elegant, or chunky and dramatic. They can also be worn in various different ways: you can simply tie the two ends together and wrap the necklace around your neck a few times, or you can loop it like a scarf. Lariat necklaces connote a modern, vintage style and can be worn with a wide range of outfits. This necklace is perfect for all seasons throughout the year.

9. Layering Necklaces

Ti Sento Yellow Gold Plated Oval Linked Necklace - £279.00

Layering necklaces is a classic fashion trend which is expected to remain popular throughout 2020. By layering at least two necklaces, it helps complete an outfit. If you have more than one favourite necklace, you can wear them all - nobody will judge as this is the ‘in’ thing this year. The opportunities are limitless; you can layer multiple short or long necklaces, depending on the occasion, event and style you wish to create. Layered necklaces in yellow gold will be an ideal choice for spring.


10. Rise of Silver Jewellery

Shaun Leane Silver Cherry Blossom Diamond Flower Pendant - £250.00
Silver jewellery continues to shine brightly in the fashionable jewellery trends predicted for 2020. All types of silver jewellery continue to remain popular, mainly because they can be worn with a variety of different outfits and colour options. Silver jewellery can help glitz a dress up, making it perfect for nights out or a party. It can also add intrigue and sparkle to an everyday outfit, making you feel a little more dressed up and different.



11. Engagement Rings

    Skye Marquise Halo Diamond Ring - £1825.00
Pear cut engagement rings are still enjoying their moment in the spotlight this year. However, there are a plethora of engagement rings which are predicted to be popular this year; these include: marquise cut engagement rings, emerald cut engagement rings, and baguette cut diamond engagement rings. We’ll leave you with this final question to ponder upon: what jewellery trend are you most looking forward to wearing in 2020?



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