Brand Focus: Les Georgettes

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Les Georgettes
is a relatively new French jewellery brand that has grown into a sophisticated must-have for your jewellery collection. Acclaimed for its innovative design and versatility, Les Georgettes combines the elegant craftsmanship of luxury metal bangles and fine leather straps to create wardrobe-friendly and highly adaptable jewellery pieces that can be customised and worn with any outfit, to any occasion, or for any mood.

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Les Georgettes is a brand created by one of France’s leading jewellery manufacturers, Altesse. Working alongside Texier, a renowned manufacturer of luxury leather goods in Brittany, the two have joined to design a distinctive jewellery concept based around customisable pieces, most notably their cuff bracelets and bangles. With teams of highly skilled craftsmen in their Ardeche and Brittany workshops, these luxury pieces feature quality coloured bands of fine leather that are interchangeable as well as reversible. Les Georgettes recently released new pieces for the core collection that includes earrings, necklaces and bags as well as menswear.

Les Georgettes bracelet

The Les Georgettes collection comes in a variety of designs that mix bohemian, tribal and modern styles along with vibrant colours to create eye-catching jewellery pieces that you can mix and match to suit your style, complement your outfit or enhance your mood. The cuffs and bangles come in brass gilt, rose gold, silver plate and ruthenium, and feature glamorous cut-out patterns including; floral, art deco and zebra, modern Piet Mondrian inspired squares and tribal stripes. These can hold either leather strap inserts or vinyl band inserts, the former are double-sided and have a different colour on each side, meaning one bangle and one leather strap can be worn three ways. The strap inserts themselves are available in many textures and finishes, including: glittery, shiny, matte and marbled. 


It is the versatility of Les Georgettes jewellery that makes it so popular. With such a wide variety of patterns, colours and styles to choose from, every woman can adapt Les Georgettes to her own style and tastes. Depending on the combination you choose, a Les Georgettes item can be worn as a casual everyday piece of jewellery, a striking statement to show off your unique sense of style, or a chic, decorative addition to a glamorous evening or event. The more band inserts you collect the more options you have available, meaning you can wear your favourite Les Georgettes jewellery all year round, no matter the season, trend or mood. Les Georgettes manages to be bold, stylish and contemporary whilst remaining feminine and wearable by anyone.

Choosing your Les Georgettes jewellery is easy; pick a bangle or bracelet in the colour and design that you love, then choose which colour and finish of strap insert you want. There are so many combinations that the possibilities are endless, giving you the freedom to experiment and create unique and stunning outfits. The straps are simple and easy to insert onto the bangle and in a matter seconds, you can transform your look. You can even carry the straps with you to change on the go, or simply reverse the strap for a quick change.


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