Easter Gifts For Kids

A picture of a pair of sterling silver and white enamel flower shaped stud earrings

Jewellery has been around for thousands of years. Historically, the nobility would use pieces as signs of wealth and power; more recently, we gift jewellery to those we hold dearest as a sign of love and importance. Whatever the occasion or the person, jewellery can always be the perfect answer. Around Easter time, kids are filled with joy and excitement for the imminent Easter Bunny visit. It’s the time of the year where they are gifted chocolate and sweets from friends and family, and get slightly hyper from all of the sugar. But why not be the one to stand out and gift a piece of Easter jewellery instead? Michael Jones Jeweller has plenty of choices when it comes to kids jewellery, so we've put together a list of a few of our favourite below.



Price: £40.00 This beautiful pair of rose gold-plated, sterling silver stud earrings are a perfect Easter gift for any little girl. The colour of the rose gold help the earrings to stand out, whilst the centre diamond provides a little sparkle - something she’ll love to show off to her friends. Rose gold is also a very popular trend in the fashion industry at the moment, which means there will be plenty of accessories to match with her new earrings. These earrings can be worn at any occasion, formal or casual, and will make a lovely contribution to her outfit. Lastly, the rose gold layer will help to reduce tarnishing, meaning they can last longer and become a cherished keepsake.

A picture of a pair of sterling silver and white enamel flower shaped stud earrings


Price: £28.00 If you are after something a little more subtle, then either these sterling silver and white enamel flower stud earrings, or butterfly stud earrings are the ideal Easter gift. The little diamond in the centre of both, again, adds that little sparkle that she’ll love. Bringing a little spring inspiration to her life, these, like the others, can be worn on any occasion.

An image of a pair of sterling silver butterfly earrings



An image of a necklace with a flower pendant and a heart shape with a flower inside

Price: £45.00 If a necklace is more fitting, then this heart and flower pendant is the ideal Easter gift. Keeping with the spring theme, this necklace features two flower designs, similar to the pair of sterling silver and white enamel earrings above, making it a perfect match if you wanted to gift a set. This necklace can be a wonderful keepsake for any age and any occasion.


An image of a dog tag necklace with a rocket design

Price: £50.00 On the other hand, if you’re buying an Easter gift for a little boy, then look no further than our rocket design dog tag. Sleek, with a polished finish and a small diamond stone, it is guaranteed to make any little boy smile.


An image of a bracelet with a daisy pendant
Price: £55.00 Thinking of something special for the wrist? Our white enamel daisy bangle would make the perfect Easter gift for a young girl. Inspired by spring, the daisy is the main attraction, with a little diamond stone in its centre helping it shine. The design matches the necklace and earrings mentioned above, providing more options if you were looking to purchase a set. The bangle is expandable to fit the size of the wearer’s wrist, which means it will last that bit longer. Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we can help you make this more memorable with a personalised inscription. An image of a bracelet with a train pendant
Price: £70.00 If you’re not after a spring theme, then we have the perfect solution. Our sterling silver train bangle is ideal for any youngster. It is expandable so it will adjust to the wearer’s wrist size. The way the train motif has been designed means that, as the bangle expands, the two train carriages will slowly move toward each other. By the time its fully expanded, the carriages will look as if they are joined together. This bangle can also be inscribed for that extra sentimental value.


A watch can be a great Easter gift for any child, whether they’re starting to learn how to tell the time or have mastered the skill already. It can boost their confidence in telling the time and help get them used to time management. Not to mention, how stylish it will make them feel.


An image of a children's lilac watch



Price: £40.00 Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we have our D for Diamond lilac leather strap watch, perfect for young girls. On the face, there is a small diamond at the top, which is a classic touch to a women’s watch. The numbers are easy to read and the hands are labelled with ‘minute’ and ‘hour’, making it even easier to tell the time. The polka dot leather strap has plenty of holes so the size can be adjusted as she grows, meaning she can use the watch for many years.

An image of a children's blue watch

Price: £38.00 For the young men, or for girls who prefer blue, we have our D for Diamond blue leather strap watch. Similar to the lilac watch, there is a diamond at the top of the face that adds a charming touch. The hands are elongated, with the blue helping them to stand out against the green of the numbers. The strap is also adjustable with multiple holes so that the watch can stay with them as they grow.

Michael Jones Jeweller

Jewellery is an Easter gift like no other and all pieces can become cherished memories. Here, at Michael Jones Jeweller, we take pride and pleasure in being able to provide our customers with lovely gifts for their little loved ones. We are well known for providing a five star experience and strive to deliver impeccable customer service. We have plenty more options if none of these recommendations are what you’re looking for as the perfect Easter gift. Please feel free to browse our collection on our website or do not hesitate to contact us via our online contact form. Additionally, you can visit one of our stores - we have two in Northampton and one in Banbury, and our friendly team will be happy to guide you through our extensive range and help you choose the perfect Easter gift your youngster will love.