Gemstone of the Month: JULY

Gemstone of the Month: JULY

Gemstone of the Month: JULY

NAME: Ruby

MEANING: Rubies are said to represent love and happiness. The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red.

COLOUR: The most preferred colour is a deep blood red with a slightly bluish hue. Such Ruby is known as "Burmese Ruby" or "Pigeon's Blood Ruby".

MOHS HARDNESS: 9 – Very tough.

OPTICAL PROPERTIES: Inclusions of tiny, slender, parallel Rutile needles in Ruby causes some rubies to exhibit asterism. A Ruby displaying asterism is known as a "Star Ruby"

HISTORY IN JEWELLERY: In the Orient rubies are described as “A drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth”.

TREATMENTS AND ENHANCEMENTS: Rubies that have a less-desirable brownish hue can be heat treated to improve colour. Heat-treating a Ruby can also increase its transparency by removing tiny internal flaws.

LEGENDS: Throughout time, rubies have been said to have many positive effects and mystical properties and thought to preserve mental and physical health. In the middle ages, rubies were viewed as a stone of prophecy. It was thought the stone darkened when danger was near.

GIFTING: Ruby is the birthstone for July and also the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary.

SIMILAR GEMSTONES: Garnet or red spinel can sometimes be mistaken for rubies.

CARING FOR GARNET: Store ruby jewellery separately in order to prevent it scratching other pieces of jewellery or metals. Wash in warm soapy water and avoid harsh chemicals as this can damage the intense colour.