A Guide To The Different Types Of Gold Jewellery

An image of a yellow gold bracelet with a twisted design
Gold jewellery is among the most revered, but there are numerous different types to choose from. With the sleek white gold, the warm rose gold, and the bright yellow gold jewellery all offering different advantages, the team at Michael Jones Jeweller have put together this guide to help you navigate such a confusing world. May also happens to be gold jewellery month, where retailers across the world celebrate all things gold. Peruse our favourite gold jewellery pieces, all of which you could snap up to wear to your favourite upcoming events.

White Gold

White gold is an alloyed version of gold, which contains a white-coloured metal such as palladium or silver. The amount of gold a piece of white gold jewellery contains depends on what carat it is, normally either 9ct or 18ct. White gold tends to be popular due to its more neutral, silvery look. The added luxury of the piece being gold only adds to its great reputation.

Price: £135.00

This elegant 9ct white gold with black and white diamonds necklace is perfect for any occasion. Its subtle colours and simple design mean it can become a part of any outfit, and its sparkling diamonds are sure to get it noticed. An image of a pair of white gold knot stud earrings

Price: £80.00

Why not pair the elegant necklace with this beautiful set of 9ct white gold earrings? Their knot design is simplistic yet stylish, ready for both casual and formal events. Its polished finish means you will be shining from the ears! With a bit of extra care, they’ll keep their shine for years to come. An image of a white gold bracelet with a twisted design

Price: £570.00

No outfit is complete without something eye-catching for your wrist. This 9ct white gold twisted bangle exudes elegance and charm, and can be worn as part of a formal outfit or for everyday use. Just like the earrings, with a bit of care this timeless bracelet can keep its shine for several years.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is also a gold alloy. It’s normally made by adding copper into the mix, which is what gives it its pinkish/reddish look. The more copper a piece of rose gold jewellery has, the stronger its pinkish colour will be. 18ct rose gold tends to be slightly pinker in colour as it will contain more gold and less copper, whereas 9ct rose gold will have a darker shade of pink due to the dominance of copper. Jewellery makers may also add other metals, such as silver or zinc, for extra reinforcement. Rose gold has become very popular in recent years, with it being a huge trend in the fashion industry. Jewellers, along with retailers, have seen a rise in their sales for all things rose gold, and it looks like the trend may be here to stay! An image of a rose gold pendant with a diamond center

Price: £560.00

This classic 18ct rose gold necklace features a round slider pendant with a 0.08ct diamond in the centre, which is sure to add a sparkle to any day. The necklace can brighten up any casual look, or be partnered with a formal outfit. An image of rose gold ball stud earrings

Price: £40.00

These 9ct rose gold ball stud earrings are a modern take on vintage pearl earrings and are a must have for your jewellery collection. Their simple and sophisticated design makes them comfortable and easy to wear. They can be worn any time, and will never go out of style. An image of a rose gold ring with an oval center

Price: £365.00

Keeping in theme with the pearl-like design, this 9ct rose and yellow gold Clogau Serenade ring is a charming and delightful piece for your jewellery box. Its design displays what you would expect from a serenade, with its body inspired by musical notes and the opal channeling the glistening moonlight. This ring contains rare Welsh gold, which has been the gold of Royalty for over 100 years.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has been back on the rise in recent years, surely aided by the appearance of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. The new Royal received a yellow gold ring from Prince Harry, which he designed himself. Since then, demand for similar rings have been soaring. Yellow gold is the traditional form of gold. It was the first type of gold to be used in jewellery, due to its malleability and resistance to chemical changes. It’s been said that in ancient times, gold represented the sun and therefore symbolised the Gods. Over time, yellow gold jewellery increased in popularity as more people started wearing it. An image of a tear shaped yellow gold pendant with a diamond at the base

Price: £290.00

You can be a part of the yellow gold club with this beautiful 9ct yellow gold teardrop necklace. Its open centre gives the pendant a modern look, finished with a diamond for an eye-catching sparkle. You can show off your sophisticated style by adding this necklace to your outfit, casual or formal. An image of yellow gold ball stud earrings with a knot design in the center

Price: £65.00

Another must have for your jewellery box are these 9ct yellow gold knot style stud earrings. Similar to the ball stud design, they are comfortable to wear and can be a part of any occasion. Their intricate detail in the centre provides some extra character that will help the pair to stand out. An image of a yellow gold bracelet with a twisted design

Price: £325.00

Finally, we have our twisted patterned 9ct yellow gold bracelet. This lovely bangle has an elegant diamond cut pattern on a twisted design, which will make it stand out with any outfit. This classic bracelet will add a touch of vintage-inspired beauty to your look.

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