Mother’s Day Gift Buying Guide

image of alex monroe silver bee necklace

Just a little something to say ‘Love you, Mum’

We’re back with our annual list of incredibly nice, lovely things that’ll make you look like a very thoughtful son or daughter on Mother’s Day. We want to help you out so you’re not panicking come Sunday 22nd March! Mother’s Day shopping needn’t be stressful or filled with the same gifts bought for mum year after year. Yes, you could get her flowers, a lovely new candle, bath set or even a yoga mat, but didn’t you get that for her last year, and the year before? Shake things up a little and treat her to something truly special. Something she can wear every day, look at and think of you, the apple of her eye.

Choose the perfect gift for mum

If you have any siblings, then there’s an increased chance that your brother or sister may have already opted for one of the above gifts already - so why not get her something a little different, and that much more special. And, if you can beat your sibling’s gift in the process, then it’s surely a win-win situation for healthy sibling rivalry and banter on your part. Opting for a beautiful piece of jewellery to gift your wonderful mum is a lovely gesture, and one she’ll surely appreciate and make lots of use of for years to come. Here's our helpful guide to help you shop for your mum this Mother’s Day at Michael Jones Jeweller.

Our Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

Clogau Jewellery

If your mum likes flowers, nature, intricate detailing and simple silver jewellery, then one of these stunning pieces from Clogau will make the perfect gift this Mother's Day.

Clogau Lady Snowdon Stud Earrings - £159


Ti Sento Jewellery

For mum's that aren't afraid of adding a little colour and sophistication to their outfit, Ti Sento jewellery makes an ideal selection. They have a wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets for every taste and style.


Ti Sento Turquoise Heart Pendant - £119



Aquamarine Gemstone / Amore Jewellery

Mum's that love wearing gemstones feel so blessed receiving one of these aquamarine pieces of jewellery. Not only is aquamarine the gemstone of the month for March, but it is also the birthstone of the zodiac sign, Pisces. Making it the perfect gift if your mum also has this star sign.


Amore Aquamarine and Diamond Raindrop Earrings - £260



Shaun Leane Jewellery

For mum's that want something elegant but edgy, the Shaun Leane collection here at Michael Jones Jeweller makes the ideal choice. These pieces of jewellery push boundaries, have a contemporary style and help add something a little different to any outfit.


Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil Talon Earrings - £250


Alex Monroe Jewellery

If you want to gift your mum something truly unique this Mother's Day, then she'll love this silver baby bumblebee necklace. With intricate detail, original design and exquisite colour, this necklace is simple whilst capturing the essence of spring and nature.

Alex Monroe Gold Plated Bumblebee Necklace - £165



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