Seasonal Weddings: Autumn Wedding Ideas

Seasonal Weddings: Autumn Wedding Ideas

When you think of weddings you probably think of shining white marquees against a backdrop of bright summer sunshine and pastel colours, but, it was found recently that autumn is now the most popular wedding season. The thought of an autumn wedding being the most desired of all seasons might come as a shock to some, especially when you consider how dreary the weather becomes at this time of year, however the crispness and freshness of autumn can be the perfect setting for a vibrant, cosy and memorable wedding.

Why Is Autumn So Popular For Weddings?

Autumn is the favourite time of year for many brides because of how colourful and cosy it is. There is an abundance of colour in autumn, from gold, amber and burnt orange, to red, yellow, and bronze; you can take your pick from any autumn colour and have an amazing palette to work with. The earthy tones of autumn also lend themselves to the popular rustic aesthetic of the colder months, with crackling fireplaces, woodland scenes and feelings of good will, embracing the seasonal joy of autumn is a wonderful environment to set your wedding.

Another advantage of an autumn wedding are the foods and vegetables on offer. From pretty ornamental gourds for decorations and centrepieces, to pumpkins and other tasty, colourful vegetables to eat, autumn has plenty of seasonal delights that simply can’t be found in spring and summer. With good food comes a good wedding dinner, and autumn foods won’t disappoint anyone.

With the leaves changing colour and the flower heads slowing fading into fascinating structures of brown and bronze, autumn is also an excellent time of year for flowers and plants across the country. Amaryllis, Anemone, Calla Lilies and Dahlias are all popular autumn flowers that look amazing as centrepieces and in bouquets. And while autumn may get a bad reputation for rain and cold, to give the season some credit, as the mellow, waning days of summer give way to crisp mornings with diaphanous mist, if you’re lucky you can still have balmy afternoons where the sun still manages to keep the chill of early winter at bay.

How To Make The Most Of An Autumn Wedding

If you’re planning on an autumn wedding, it’s best to use everything that autumn brings to your advantage. The changing colours of the season will be the biggest difference, so build your wedding around it. If red and orange aren’t to your tastes, draw your colour palette from the many other flowers that will be growing. You’ll find anything from soft, dusky pinks to deep burgundy, berry purple and evergreen.

If you like the idea of crisp autumn weather for your wedding, it should be easy enough to accommodate and you won’t be left disappointed. If the idea of a colder wedding puts you off but you still want the autumn aesthetic, consider adding fur wraps and structured wool coats to the wedding outfits, or provide luxury blankets for your guests. Autumn is also a great time for wedding styling, as trying to make your wedding party look good in the wishy-washy pastels of summer isn’t a problem. Women can go glamorous with sequins and sparkle in a variety of rich, deep autumn colours, and men can wear soft tweed and wool suits in a variety of patterns.

The best part of an autumn wedding is the atmosphere that comes along with it. If you want to create a sumptuous, cosy environment for your guests, there’s no better time than autumn. Dinner parties can be flooded with soft candlelight or a roaring fire can set the scene. A variety of hearty and comforting foods can be served, fairy lights can be hung for extra twinkle, while pretty picturesque leaf-strewn wedding photographs can be taken. All of these things culminate into a comfortable and welcoming backdrop to your wedding and make your guests feel at home. You could even take your guests on an enchanting woodland walk so that everyone gets to appreciate the full ambience of autumn.

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