Summer Wedding Jewellery For Guests: Top 5 Pieces For Men

An image of propeller cufflinks

The summer season has always popular amongst brides and grooms. The hot and sunny weather can make it difficult for guests to decide on what to wear, especially as it is so unpredictable in the UK. Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we want to make the decision on how to style your outfit easier for you, so we have outlined our top favourite gents’ accessories ready for the summer wedding season.


1) Cufflinks

Let’s start with something every man would have worn at some point in his life: cufflinks. Usually one of the last things men think about, they can add a sense of style and sophistication to any outfit. Which is why, they should be thought of as one of the most important aspects of a man’s outfit, especially for a wedding. Each choice of cufflink can show a glimpse of that man’s personality, so you can never have too many pairs to choose from. We’ve selected a couple of our favourites that we think capture why cufflinks should be a big contender for men’s wedding jewellery. An image of propeller cufflinks

Price: £165

These are Deakin & Francis Sopwith Propeller Cufflinks made from aircraft-grade aluminium. The rose gold plated propellers actually spin around making the internal black cooling blades spin too. The outside body has been laser detailed to really make this design look as authentic as possible. Perfect for any aviation fans, or those who want to show off one of a kind cufflinks, these would be an excellent contender as wedding guest jewellery.

2) Cufflinks

Price: £360.00

For those of you who prefer simplicity and elegance, we have the perfect choice of cufflink for you. These Montblanc cufflinks are made from stainless steel with black acetate. While they are simple, the black will go with any wedding guest outfit, or other jewellery, and will definitely compliment any style. What’s more is that you can feel assured you’re wearing a pair of high-quality cufflinks.


3) Bracelet

An image of a black braided leather unisex bracelet

Price: £195.00

Moving on to wrist attire: a bracelet. Bracelets aren’t overly common in men but they are becoming more popular. The fact that men used to wear bracelets centuries ago as displays of power or overall manliness was forgotten until certain period TV shows brought them back into people’s memories. This Shaun Leane Leather Wrap Bracelet would act as either a great first bracelet or as a worthwhile addition to your jewellery collection. The bracelet is made from braided calf’s leather that wraps around the wrist three times, with a sterling silver T-bar clasp. This piece would work perfectly as men’s wedding jewellery because of its ability to work as part of a formal outfit as well as casual clothing; it would also be a great conversation starter, so a large gathering such as a wedding is a perfect time to show it off. *Shaun Leane is the latest addition to the long list of luxury brands available at Michael Jones Jeweller.


4) Watch

An image of a Tissot watch with a black face, white roman numerals and a black leather strap

Price: £195.00

If a bracelet isn’t within your realms of style, how about a watch. Wearing a watch on the wrist is relatively modern for a man, having been introduced during World War 1 due to the convenience; before then, wristwatches were seen as women’s fashion while men adorned pocket watches. But since the end of WW1, wristwatches for men have only grown in popularity, now with major fashion brands using their many designs as main features to compliment any style. This Tissot watch is a perfect example of a stylish watch; its simple face design allows it to be worn on any occasion, with its roman numerals giving it an elegant feel. The black leather strap is a classic feature but can be changed to suit individualistic style. Wearing a watch is the perfect alternative to wearing men’s jewellery to a wedding, and this watch is a great choice.


5) Necklace

An image of a men's rectangle necklace made from gunmetal

Price: £50.00

Lastly, we come to neckwear. Again, like the bracelet, necklaces are uncommon amongst men. But they have been creeping into recent fashion lines, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton making them a feature in their 2017 collections. The key to pulling off wearing a man’s necklace nowadays isn’t to find the biggest and boldest chain or pendant around, it’s to keep things simple and go for a subtle design that’s going to complement your look, not overpower it. Unique and Co's Gunmetal and Carbon Fibre necklace does just that. Its dark colours and rectangle shape defines simplicity and will work in any situation, formal or casual. It definitely is a unique piece as gunmetal is a rarity in jewellery so you’re almost guaranteed to not find anyone else with one like it. Again, like the bracelet, the necklace will also be a great conversation piece for something like a wedding, not only because you may be one of the few men wearing this kind of jewellery, but also due to its unusual material.

Men’s Wedding- Guest Jewellery at Michael Jones Jeweller

If you would like to talk about any of the products discussed above or would like more men’s wedding jewellery suggestions, feel free to give one of our friendly advisers a call on 01604 636 633 or send us a message via our online contact form. Alternatively, you can pop into our Grosvenor store to see our collection in person. Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and will put all our efforts into finding a style and design that will suit you. We also do alterations, engravings and have a watch workshop for any adjustments you may need.

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