Jewellery Room

Jewellery Room

Jewellery Room

We are extremely fortunate here at Michael Jones Jeweller to have a very well-equipped jewellery workshop serving our Banbury and Northampton showrooms with three full time goldsmiths. Having our own jewellers on hand not only gives our customers peace of mind that their precious items do not have to travel far for repair but allows us much better access to the skills of our goldsmiths. Our shop floor colleagues spend time in our workshops learning the ropes and seeing what goes into each repair, this allows them to pass this knowledge directly on to our customers. It also allows our customers to book appointments with one of our goldsmiths face to face, this is especially beneficial with bespoke work and the more complicated repairs. We offer free no obligation estimates for all repairs and bespoke work so don't be afraid to pop in and speak to us.

Michael Jones Jeweller Goldsmiths

Ring Resizing

We can resize most rings, whether they are too big and need reducing in size or too small and need a piece adding. We work on all precious metals and have a fast turnaround so you don’t need to be without your ring for too long.

Clean and Polishing

We offer a cleaning and polishing service for your jewellery to get your precious items looking as good as new. Whether you are looking to gift an item, maybe you are getting married and want to give your engagement ring a polish ready for your big day, or perhaps your favourite piece is just looking a bit scratched and tired – pop into one of our showrooms where we will be happy to help you.

Laser Welding

A few years ago, we invested in a laser welder for our jewellery room, much to the excitement of our jewellers. This rather expensive piece of equipment means that we can offer many more repairs than we could previously and with a much better finish. Many jewellers traditionally use a gas flame to solder metal together using solder to fuse the join. With a laser weld, we can weld metal to metal with no need to add foreign solder. This creates a cleaner, stronger and more precise join. The laser, although hotter, the heat is more concentrated, allowing us to repair items that have heat sensitive gemstones without any risk of damage.

Stone Security Check and Claw Re-tipping

Overtime, the claws on rings can become weaker, wear down or get broken off. We recommend that you have the claws checked on your rings regularly and many insurance companies insist on this to help prevent stone loss. It doesn’t take long and it gives you the peace of mind that all your precious gemstones are nice and secure.

Chain Repair

Whether you have a chain that has snapped or a clasp that is broken, we can get your necklace or bracelet back into one piece for you.


Another investment into the jewellery room recently is a micro-setting bench for our head goldsmith. This delicate piece of equipment allows us to set the tiniest of diamonds perfectly using a microscope. Pave settings, for example, involved rows are rows of diamonds to be set almost touching with the most discrete claws to keep them in place. This is a highly skilled technique to master and almost impossible to accomplish without the best tools and equipment. We can now offer not only bespoke jewellery that involves the most delicate of gem setting, but we can also offer repairs and stone replacements jewellery that many other jewellers are unable to do.

Rhodium Plating

White gold is not pure bright white but has a slight yellow tint to it. To make it white, the metal is plated with a fine plating of rhodium which is part of the platinum family. Over time this plating can wear off, especially if the items are worn all the time or come into contact with chemicals. Our jeweller can polish and plate your item to get it looking as good as new.

Stone Replacement

It happens, sometimes it is a knock that loosens a stone or sometimes just wear and tear. Its heart-breaking when you notice something is missing but we are here to help. We are experts at matching stones and have great connections with the trade allowing us to be able to source even the rarest of stones in case the worst happens. In many cases we can even offer a range of stones to choose from so you can pick the perfect replacement. Drop your item into your nearest showroom and leave the rest to us.

Bespoke Commissions and jewellery redesign

Book an appointment with our head goldsmith and design your very own unique item of jewellery. Use pieces of old jewellery or design something completely new. Be part of the design every step of the way and create something personal. Find out more about the design process below.

Bespoke Jewellery DesignMichael Jones Goldsmiths
Jewellery Room at Michael Jones Jeweller Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery

If you have an existing item you would like remodeling, stones you need mounting or an idea for an item of jewellery that is simply not manufactured; then our bespoke service is what you require. With a bespoke service you are able to get exactly the piece of jewellery you require to your specifications and feel you have been instrumental in its design and conception.

We can arrange a meeting to determine your exact requirements, from this we produce drawings of potential designs, source stones for your approval and an estimation of cost. Our experience in carrying out such commissions, mean that we can advise the method that will achieve the best result. Contact our Goldsmith, Matthew Tyrrell on 01604 632548.

The Design Process

First Consultation

When you first meet with one of our jewellers we will be trying to get a feel for what you are looking for. They may take notes, draw some quick sketches and will include conversations on what you like and don’t like. It is always helpful if you can bring in some images of items that inspire you to get our jewellers on the right track. If we are using some of your existing stones or jewellery, then make sure you bring this with you and be prepared to leave it with our jewellers, so they can measure it and incorporate it into the design.

Design and Estimate

Our jeweller will get back to you within an agreed timeframe with a rough sketch of their ideas and an estimate. This may be a good  time to meet back up with the jeweller to make any adjustments and alternations to the design. We want you to be happy with the finished piece so don’t be afraid to speak up. There is no charge for this initial part of the design process.

CAD Drawings

Sometimes, to hand make a piece of jewellery would be too time consuming or wasteful of precious materials. This is when computer modelling is needed. If your item is to be modelled on the computer, our jeweller will now digitally draw up the design using our advanced software. This will produce a three-dimensional model that can be viewed as a high quality rendered image for you to approve before making the item.

Hands on Manufacture

Most jewellery making requires an extensive amount of hands on manufacture, often in conjunction with computer aided design but in some cases the entire process is done by hand, only using very limited machinery. In such creations the way an individual craftsman designs and works is transmitted into the final piece. Just as hand writing is infinitely varied, you can take delight in knowing your jewellery is lovingly hand crafted and completely unique.

Finished piece

The final stage of the process is for the piece to be hand finished. The stones are set, and the piece is polished ready for the final unveiling. With a bespoke service you are able to get exactly the piece of jewellery you require to your specifications and feel you have been instrumental in its design and conception.

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