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Our Rolex Showrooms

Our Rolex showrooms, located in our Northampton and Banbury stores, showcase our range of Rolex watches. Our dedicated Rolex areas allow you to fully immerse yourself in the brand.

At Michael Jones Jeweller, we have a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that can take you through our prestigious Rolex timepieces, helping you find the perfect watch. Our watch specialists will advise on all options, whether you’re looking for a classic wristwatch or a professional timepiece. We offer in-depth and personalised advice on materials, functionality and dials.

Rolex Showroom
Rolex Showroom Banbury

The Michael Jones Jeweller Experience

For over 100 years at Michael Jones Jeweller we have prioritised quality and experience for our customers. With highly trained watch specialists who have been Rolex trained and available to guide you through the Rolex collection, we have the expertise and knowledge in our stores to assist you.

Rolex Showroom

Rolex at Gold Street, Northampton

Michael Jones Jeweller has two stores in Northampton, one of which is located at One Gold Street and is a dedicated Rolex showroom. Our Rolex showroom allows you to immerse yourself in the brand, admiring its dedication to excellence, precision and attention to detail in a private serving area with one of our expert sales associates.

Rolex Showroom

Rolex at Banbury

Michael Jones Jeweller also has a Rolex showroom in Banbury. Within our newly renovated luxury jewellery store, our dedicated Rolex showroom allows you to explore the impressive collection and speak to one of our expert watch specialists.

Rolex Showroom

After Sales Service & Care

At Michael Jones Jeweller we have a dedicated servicing team in each of our locations, as well as state-of-the-art jewellery and watch workshops. Our workshop is home to our Rolex-Accredited Watchmakers who help ensure that your watch is maintained and enjoyed for years to come.

Thanks to the standards and expertise of our specialist watchmakers, your Rolex watch can continue to perform its functions over a long period of time with outstanding reliability and exceptional beauty. Visit one of our Rolex showrooms in Northampton and Banbury for any advice or to find out more about our Rolex watch service.

Rolex Showroom Banbury

Rolex at Michael Jones Jeweller

‭At Michael Jones Jeweller, we are extremely proud to be an Official Rolex Retailer, authorised to sell and maintain Rolex watches.