A Guide to the Perfect Engagement Rings

A Guide to the Perfect Engagement Rings

A Guide to the Perfect Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is a special symbol for two people to share. It represents commitment, love and dedication to one another and represents a promise before marriage that they will share their lives together. Whether you decide to invest in a modern ring or a more traditional ring, this will represent the love and commitment you have between you and your loved one. The engagement ring is typically worn on the third finger on your left hand. It is believed that the ancient Romans began this tradition as this finger contains a vein that leads directly to the heart, calling this the ‘vena amoris’ or ‘the vein of love’. Engagement rings have a rich history with a very special meaning to people. Choosing your perfect engagement ring is a special way to begin the rest of your life with your loved one before marriage. Engagement rings are a huge, life-long decision, and with all the options available to you, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Traditionally, engagement rings have centred themselves around diamonds, however, as of late, other colourful gemstones have become more popular within the engagement ring community. Michael Jones Jeweller can guide you through their beautifully hand-picked favourites to inspire and help you in making that big decision.

Rona Ring

The timeless design of the Rona ring has been crafted with precise attention to detail, which is classical and everlasting. This solitaire engagement ring is set with a certificated round brilliant-cut diamond in a four claw setting and is the perfect fit to be paired with a wedding ring. Certificated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), one of the worlds’ most reputable diamond authorities, this ring holds a round brilliant cut which is renowned for its fantastic sparkle and designed to produce maximum brilliance.


Dalkey Ring

Our beautiful Dalkey three-stone diamond ring is another hand-picked favourite of ours that deserves some recognition. If you’re someone that loves or if there’s someone you love that likes subtle sparkle, this ring is the perfect answer. The Emerald cut has step-like facets which reflect light beautifully off the diamond. It gives a modern twist to a traditional three-stone ring. Three stone engagement rings have a special meaning with each diamond representing part of the journey of your relationship; past, present and future. The Dalkey ring is the perfect match with a wedding ring and is certificated by one of the most reputable diamond authorities.


Skye Radiant

This stunning cluster diamond ring is presented with a clean rectangle setting, highlighting the enchanting yellow diamond that it clasps. This platinum ring presents its radiant cut centre, surrounded by a diamond set halo and shoulders. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of classic and contemporary, this ring accurately channels that ideal. We have over 300 certificated diamond rings across our showrooms in Northampton and Banbury in our Diamond collection.. (This ring may also be available with a different diamond weight, cut, colour or clarity.)


Skye Princess

Our Skye princess cluster diamond ring celebrates true elegance and beauty. The princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut we have for engagement rings at Michael Jones Jeweller. This particular ring has numerous sparkling facets that are timeless and elegant, making it an everlasting choice. The sparkling setting features a halo of beautiful diamonds that encircle the centre gem and adorn the band. This is another bombshell that can be effortlessly paired with a wedding ring.


Skye Pear

Our ‘Skye Pear’ platinum diamond engagement ring is one of the most dazzling engagement rings we have to offer. It oozes a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality with its royal connections that make this gemstone an everlasting love in the world of engagement rings. The elegant pear-cut sapphire centre in a three-claw setting is embraced by a diamond halo and demonstrates how  diamonds effortlessly create this timeless jewel.


Skye Oval

Lastly, out of our hand-picked favourites, we have chosen to showcase our Skye oval ring. It displays a beautiful contrast of 18ct yellow gold, paired with a certified oval cut diamond, surrounded by a diamond set halo and shoulders. This engagement ring holds all the elements that form the most beautiful piece, designed to collaborate flawlessly with any wedding ring. The oval shape is beautifully flattering and has become an increasingly popular choice of cut.


Michael Jones Jeweller

Our unrivalled collection of stunning engagement rings evoke the special moment of two people coming together as they begin the rest of their lives together. Each diamond and each ring is hand-picked for exceptional quality and emanate elegance and sophistication. Each of our enchanting designs manifests the high standard of Michael Jones Jeweller and our reputation as well as celebrating one of the world's most symbolic acts of love.


Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we exhibit a beautiful and elegant collection of engagement rings. Discover your perfect ring today by exploring our selection of contemporary and traditional rings on our website. Fill out an online enquiry form, call us on 01604 632 548 or visit one of our branches for a consultation today.