All That Glitters - A New TV Show Coming to BBC2

All That Glitters - A New TV Show Coming to BBC2


If you are a fan on The Great British Bake off, Sewing Bee and the Pottery Throwdown, then you will want to tune into BBC 2 at 8pm on 13th April for the all-new show, “All That Glitters” featuring the very lovely Shaun Leane as one of the judges. This new show features the usual layout that we know and love but instead of cakes and pots, these talented artisans must make beautiful jewellery for the judges in the hope that they are not the one to be eliminated that week.

You will have seen some of Shaun Leane's iconic jewellery on celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson and we are proud to stock his collections in our Banbury showroom and on our website.

Speaking to Shaun recently, he told us how excited he was to be involved in the new show. The art of jewellery making has always been a mystery and never been shown in this detail on prime-time television before. Sharing our industry with the masses and sharing the skill, knowledge, dedication, intricacy and craft with the masses will be such a boost for the trade. Seeing the whole process from brief through to design and creation will put value to our work, will shine a light on the industry and put jewellery in the forefront of peoples mind.

Previously, with the Sewing Bee for example, the television show created a phenomenon in the industry with an influx of sewists learning new skills. We hope that “All the Glitters” will do the same and encourage new makers and designers into the trade. The contestants on the show range from 26-52 years old with a whole range of skill sets and experience. Each of the 6 episodes set them all a “bestseller” challenge and a “bespoke” challenge to test all aspects of their craft. Shaun comments that watching the contestants be pushed to new levels and challenged to think outside the box showed a fearless drive that really impressed him. There was a lovely energy on set and the host Katherine Ryan was very very funny!

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