Brand Spotlight: Fope Jewellery

image of jewellery maker wearing ppe

Fope jewellery is one of the most widely recognisable and iconic brands across the world. This Italian fine jewellery brand was founded in 1929 by Umberto Cazzola and continues to produce unique and distinctive designs. Fope combines the strength of its long-standing values with a true flair for innovation and creating unique jewellery. This Italian brand is renowned for its understated and classic designs. Over the years each Fope collection has evolved, but it's stayed true to its core values of attention to detail, quality and everlasting crafted elegance. The jewellery in this collection is inspired by the brand’s provenance and values; these have steered the company’s strategies. In 2019, Fope presented a huge restyling project that involved a new logo, new colours, communications tools and all things related to their brand identity and image.


More than 90 years of beautiful jewellery making

The elements also mark the 90th anniversary of its foundation. A fantastic achievement for a company that has been owned by the same family since its inception. The company has grown dramatically over the years thanks to its leading and distinctive jewellery collections. Alongside changing their image and brand identity, Fope also presented a brand new collection called, ‘Eka Anniversario’. This collection is a new version of their signature bestsellers range. It consists of a subtle yet fundamental redesign of the rondel. It is a true joy for those seeking Italian elegance, comfort, high quality and wearability in their jewellery. There are also new and upcoming novelties in the pipeline - exciting stuff!

The Italian fine jewellery brand and factory is back open for business

From the Fope headquarters in Vicenza, Italy they have recently opened their factory after its closure in March 2020. In response to the current global pandemic of the coronavirus, Fope jewellery has focused their attention and efforts on ensuring safe practices and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace and during the jewellery making process.


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