Fabergé: A World Full of Surprises

Fabergé: A World Full of Surprises

We are thrilled to announce that the renowned luxury brand Fabergé is joining the Michael Jones Jeweller family. Fabergé explores themes of colour, expression and nature to inspire their creations with intricate detailing incorporated in every piece. Deep-rooted in history, Fabergé could be described as distinct and colourful in style, with the Imperial Egg design being the epitome of the entire brand. Their modern-day collections hold a versatile range of jewellery, watches and accessories.



A Brief History

Fabergé began its notable journey in 1842 as a small jewellery store, with brothers Peter Carl and Agathon Fabergé subsequently taking over the business from their father. In 1885, Peter Carl was sought out to commission a bejeweled egg as an Easter gift for the wife of then Russian Emperor, Tsar Alexander III. Thereafter, this became an annual tradition with a total of 50 extravagant Imperial eggs handcrafted for the Russian Royal Family. The masterpieces have since been scattered worldwide, with only 43 eggs discovered. 
Some popular designs include the Diamond Trellis Egg that reveals a decorated ivory elephant within, and the Lily of the Valley Egg which is adorned with bright pearls and features pink guilloché enamelling.



Fabergé Imperial

Originally having been exclusively commissioned for the Russian Royal family in the late 18th century, the Imperial eggs have now inspired a jewellery collection.

Fabergé’s Imperial Egg collection features fine egg pendants that can be opened to reveal truly remarkable elements of surprise. They are also available as bespoke creations to customers, leaving it to the individual’s imagination to determine their own miniature surprise.

It is no wonder that Fabergé desire their pieces to be kept as future heirlooms; the immaculate precision and craftsmanship can be appreciated with each and every piece. Having been a distinguished brand through many an era, it can certainly be acknowledged why the brand is still just as reputable today.



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We are proud to be the only stockist of Fabergé in the Midlands. If you would like to own your very own exclusive piece of Fabergé, then please head over to our Gold Street showroom in Northampton. Alternatively, you can shop the collections online here.