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An image of three bracelets with a turquoise stone
Summer is upon us and many of you will be starting to update your summer wardrobe ready for your holidays or those sunny days spent at garden parties. Whilst buying the right clothes is a very important aspect, don’t forget about your jewellery! Having the right pieces on your hands, wrists or around your neck can really help complete an outfit and show off your own personal style. Here at Michael Jones Jewellers, we are proud to stock some of the most interesting and unique items from prominent brands in the jewellery industry. We have picked a few of their favourite brands who offer jewellery we think you’ll love. So, what are you waiting for? Start picking some new pieces for your holiday jewellery collection! 

Les Georgettes

Les Georgettes is a French jewellery brand popular for its innovative design concept. This brand allows you to purchase a bracelet frame and colourful interchangeable leather or fluid perspex inserts to allow complete stylistic freedom. There is a variety of frames to choose from whether it be chunky or skinny, with a simple or complex design. You can change the colour of your jewellery to suit your outfits, your accessories or even your mood with one simple step. Having this type of jewellery means less clutter as you won’t have to buy a separate piece of jewellery to match each of your outfits, making it the perfect suitcase space saver as part of your holiday jewellery collection. You can wear these bracelets as part of a casual outfit, or swap to a colour or design more suited to formal occasions; the choice is yours!

An image of 3 colourful Les Georgettes bracelets

Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we stock a wide variety of frames and strap inserts for you to choose from, so simply select your favourite design and reversible insert and you’ll have a bracelet completely suited to your style.


Ti Sento - Milano 

Ti Sento - Milano  is an Italian goldsmith but with a twist – they focus on silver instead of gold. This brand is one of the first to bring gold standards to silver jewellery, giving it the attention it deserves. All of their pieces are made with 925 sterling silver and are rhodium plated to add that extra shine and provide protection against scratches and natural discolouration. The goldsmiths at Ti Sento – Milano are capable of such intrinsic and sophisticated designs, working with different crystals and colours to create the perfect piece. With their jewellery, you can be sure it’s made with the finest materials and care.

The brand is very keen on detail, and not just when it comes to their jewellery. They go out of their way to create emotion-provoking scenarios for their customers. Whether it be to describe their workshop and designers, or to create little scenarios of everyday situations their customers can relate to - connecting with their audience is a key focus for them. A lot of the designers’ inspiration comes from natural sources such as: the water, the beach and animals, which is what makes this jewellery the perfect addition to your holiday jewellery collection. It’s easy to fall in love with each piece, but here at Michael Jones Jewellers, we have selected some of our favourite designs that, we think, showcase the charm of their jewellery.


An image of three bracelets by Ti Sento-Milano


In the above image, we have a choice of three bracelets. The first is a bead bracelet made from dark blue crystals that sparkle in every light. Underneath we have a snakeskin pattern bracelet with a gold-plated finish, perfect for any occasion. Lastly, the simplest of the three, a single blue stone on a silver chain that screams elegance.


An image of three bracelets with a turquoise stone


If you want some pieces that are more natural-looking, one of the above pieces from the brand may be more to your taste. A necklace and bracelets with different designs, each boasting beautiful turquoise stones as their centrepieces, guaranteed to suit any style. 



Ntinga is a family-led jeweller based in London specialising in the design, production and supply of high-quality jewellery. The business has been operating since 1972 and now resides near Hatton Garden where they have access to London’s diamond and gemstone market. Through this, they have a growing collection of fine diamond and gemstone pieces and boast some of the finest product ranges in Europe. Not only do they gather materials from their hometown, Ntinga’s designers also travel the world looking for unique and interesting stones and designs to create trendy and innovative pieces of jewellery.

An image of three 18ct gold rings with a stone in the middle and diamonds around it


These rings are from Ntinga’s Colour collection and each one is made with a different stone in a cabochon style as their centrepiece. The yellow Citrine, blue Topaz, and Amethyst stones are set in a halo of diamonds on 18ct yellow gold, white gold and rose gold rings respectively. Accurately named in their collection, these rings work perfectly as part of your holiday jewellery to add that extra bit of colour and sparkle.


An image of a necklace with a dark blue Opal stone


For a more mysterious look, this above necklace could be the one for you. Set in 18ct yellow gold and surrounded by diamonds, the stone can add a natural look to your outfit while its pattern can be reminiscent of blue waters - the ideal qualities for holiday jewellery. Ntinga have plenty of experience and a passion for designing such beautiful jewellery. Their ethos is to provide exceptional customer service and make each of their customers feel part of the Ntinga family. The brand is a full member of The National Association of Jewellers and supplies to The Houlden Group and The Company of Master Jewellers, so you know their products are of a quality you can trust.

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