Gemstone of the Month: SEPTEMBER

Gemstone of the Month: SEPTEMBER

Gemstone of the Month: September


MEANING: Some linguists propose that the word sapphire derives from Sanskrit “Shanipriya”. Literally meaning "dear to Saturn". Alternatively, other believe that it derived from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros,” both meaning blue.

COMMON SPECIES: Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum.

COLOUR: It is typically blue, but sapphires also occur in yellow, purple, orange, and green colours; the only colour that sapphire cannot be is red – as red coloured corundum is called ruby


OPTICAL PROPERTIES: Double refractive.

HISTORY IN JEWELLERY: Sapphires have been prized as great gemstones since 800BC. Rulers of ancient Persia believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphire stones.

LEGENDS: Blue Sapphire helps to stay on your spiritual path. Black Sapphire is said to bring wisdom of confidence in one’s own intuition. Green Sapphire brings the wisdom of fidelity and integrity. Orange Sapphire brings the wisdom of loving creation from the heart to the world. Pink Sapphire brings the wisdom of resilience. Purple Sapphire brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening. White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength of spirit. Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom and prosperity.

GIFTING: Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September. It is also the stone given to celebrate 45 years of marriage. A sapphire jubilee occurs after 65 years.

ASSOCIATIONS: Sapphire is the gemstone associated with the zodiac Taurus.

SIMILAR GEMSTONES: Topaz is a similar looking gemstone and comes in a similar array of colours. Other gemstones such as aquamarine and tanzanite can be similar in appearance to blue sapphire.

CARING FOR SAPPHIRE: Because of their hardness, Sapphires can be cleaned without too much worry. Warm, soapy water is best, although ultrasonic cleaners and steamers can be used for a deeper clean.