The Rise Of Jewellery For Men

Vicking characterised cufflinks, with synthetic hair and jewelled features

The developing sector of jewellery for men has grown increasingly popular over the past year and is beginning to prove itself a worthy and far-reaching business. Dominant brands within the jewellery industry have declared a rise and success in sales over 2018, particularly over the Christmas period and Father’s Day. This sector in jewellery is guaranteed a bright future in the business as men's accessories have sparked a real appetite that only seems to be increasing with the expansion in men's grooming and the pursuit to be the modern man. Men today are demonstrating a well-groomed and sophisticated approach and take great pride in the way they present themselves. With this in mind, here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we pride ourselves in offering the best jewellery guide for men, we are dedicated to exceed your expectations and provide the finest quality of jewellery. Classic, graceful and luxuriously designed, our jewellery for many men displays a diverse range, collaborating original designs with a contemporary, yet traditional style.

Variety Of Jewellery For Men

Although jewellery has always been available to men, the choice of jewellery for men was always fairly limited. However, in recent years, there is so much more variety available for the man of today who demonstrates sophistication and undeniably feels more comfortable wearing jewellery. Watches; bracelets; non-wedding rings and necklaces are wanted more than ever. The interest has continued to grow through men's fashion and the best sellers have shown to be cufflinks and watches within the men’s jewellery industry.


There’s nothing quite like a pair of cufflinks to polish off a formal outfit. They add sophistication as well as keeping your cuffs neat and orderly. Cufflinks have always been a popular choice of jewellery for men. Wearing cufflinks is a great way to portray your personality and experiment with the variation of cufflinks we offer (both traditional and novelty). We can help assist on how to style all of our featured cufflinks whatever your occasion. Here is an example of one of our classic pairs of cufflinks. Typically worn for a black-tie or formal event. The gold and black contrast is timeless and would be a great asset to complete a formal suit. These iconic Montblanc are created in stainless steel and captures the balance between polished and understated. Price: £280.00 black and gold Michael Jones circular cufflinks

We also exhibit a range of novelty cufflinks. These designs are a great way to add some individuality and fun to a plain white shirt. Our wide range varies from silver jet turbine engines to gold shotguns; cricket balls; pheasants and more. We adore all of our quirky collections, however, these are a personal favourite of ours and we think these would be a dazzling contemporary element to your compliment your outfit. Inspired by Scandinavian pirates, the Viking skull design has a black oxidised helmet and a unique bone design fitting. The horns are pearly white-enamel and the ruby eyes are skilfully fitted into their hairy beards. These cufflinks are a more light-hearted alternative for men. Price: £530.00  


The Signet Ring

The traditional signet ring has always been associated with being ‘the gentleman's ring’ and a staple piece of jewellery for men. Signet rings are typically passed down by heritage. Today, signet rings still hold the same sentimental factor and they are often bought for special occasions or significant birthdays as the popularity of the signet ring has continued to increase. The ring is generally designed to be worn on the pinky finger. However, who is to say it wouldn’t look great on any finger. Here at Michael Jones Jeweller, we offer a selection of beautifully crafted; timeless signet rings, most are ideal for adding a personal touch with engraving. We personally admire this Yellow Gold vermeil star ring from Shaun Leane. Perfect for the gentleman who wishes to add a contemporary touch to a classic ring. Price:  £295.00



Men’s bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. In recent years, it’s evident to see that men are moving away from buying traditional ‘men’s jewellery’ (such as wedding bands and watches) and moving forward to pieces that are more contemporary and personal - specifically, bracelets. With the huge variety of bracelets available to men, there are plenty of choices to suit your preference. Not all men like wearing traditional silver and gold. However, with the introduction to titanium steel on the market, the darker, more masculine, fine metal has sparked an interest in men and gained popularity. Whilst being a strong and durable metal, titanium looks aesthetically pleasing. The same goes for stainless steel. Rustic, steel metals collaborated with dark leather ooze a clean and crisp impression bringing together a smart outfit. One of our personal favourites within our bracelet collection is the ‘Unique and Co’ men's bracelet. Inspired by architecture and engineering; beautiful yet functional and combining innovative materials with close attention to detail. This dark brown leather braided bracelet is a perfect staple piece of jewellery for men. Price: £35.00


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