Types of Wedding Rings: A Guide to Your Perfect Ring

A picture of a wedding ring

First it was the save the dates, then the official invites, picking the flowers... oh, and don’t forget about the stress over the dress; now it’s time to find the perfect ring! There are so many different types of wedding rings available nowadays; from pure luxury with lots of sparkle to understated elegance, there’s a ring out there to suit everyone’s budget and style. At Michael Jones Jeweller, we know that some people can feel a lot of pressure when picking their wedding ring as it’s something that you are going to have for life, so you want it to be absolutely perfect. That’s why we’ve collated everything you need to know about the different types of wedding rings below to help inspire your choice.

Choosing the Metal

The first step in choosing from the many types of wedding rings available is to decide what kind of metal you’d like. Below are some of the most popular metals, which can suit various budgets and style preferences.


A picture of a platinum ring

If you’re looking for types of wedding rings that will last a lifetime, platinum is the perfect choice of metal, especially if you’ve got a bit of a budget. Platinum has become a very popular choice for wedding bands due to its naturally white sheen that does not fade or change in colour; it’s also one of the strongest precious metals that is used in jewellery. Another advantage of a platinum wedding ring is that platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, and no one wants an allergic reaction from their ring!


A picture of a palladium ring

If you love the look of a platinum ring but don’t quite have the budget, palladium is a great choice. Palladium is a part of the platinum group of metals but is less dense and a little more affordable as it is available in two different purities,  Palladium 500 and Palladium 950. It is a white precious metal that has grown in popularity due to its natural white colour that doesn’t tarnish.

White Gold

A picture of a white gold ring

White gold is created by alloying pure gold with white metals such as palladium and silver; it’s usually plated with rhodium to protect it and give it its brilliant white lustre. White gold creates the perfect backdrop for diamonds and is an excellent choice of metal if you don’t have the biggest budget.

Yellow Gold

A picture of a yellow gold ring

If you’re looking for a more traditional ring, yellow gold might be your metal of choice. Yellow gold is created using a mixture of pure gold, copper and silver; the higher the carat, the higher the concentration of gold, which is why the colour and hardness of yellow gold jewellery can vary.

Rose Gold

A picture of a rose gold ring

Add a touch of romance to your ring with rose gold. Rose gold, also known as pink or red gold, has started to become more popular as a choice of metal for wedding rings. It creates the perfect mix between a traditional and modern wedding ring, and is often used in two colour rings. Similarly to yellow gold, the colour and hardness of rose gold can vary depending on the carat.

Picking the Style

Now that you have an idea of the type of metal you’d like to go for, it’s time to decide what style you’d like. Different types of wedding rings come in different styles which suit different people’s preferences. Whether you want a ring that’s going to stand out or you prefer simple jewellery, there will be a style perfect for you.


A picture of a diamond ring

Diamond rings have become very popular for wedding rings, with many brides gravitating towards these as their choice. These types of wedding rings can vary depending on your style; smaller diamonds across the band can give the understated elegance look, or if you prefer a sparkle that really stands out, opt for a ring with a big diamond in the centre.

Plain Bands

A picture of a plain wedding band

Plain wedding bands are still an all time favourite for their classic, timeless aesthetic. As the name suggests, plain bands have no embellishments, creating a traditional look that’s comfortable to wear. Plain wedding bands are particularly popular as a choice for male wedding rings.

Two Colour

A picture of a two colour ring

Possibly the more modern out of the different types of wedding rings we’ve spoke about are two colour rings. These rings combine different types of metals, giving a bit of a different style to the traditional wedding band. As mentioned earlier, rose gold is often used in two colour rings and can be mixed with metals such as palladium.


A picture of a shaped ring

If you’d prefer a minimalistic ring but don’t particularly want to go with a plain band, have a look at shaped rings. These types of rings have a unique touch about them, adding subtle detail to a plain band. They can also come with simple diamond detailing.

Wedding Rings at Michael Jones Jeweller

At Michael Jones Jeweller, we can offer a variety of different types of wedding rings; our brands, styles and prices vary so you can be sure that you’ll find your perfect fit. Our Diamond collection is particularly popular with future brides! Not only do we have various different types of wedding rings to offer you, but we also offer excellent servicing and repairs, including cleaning and ring sizing. We handle all pieces of jewellery we receive for servicing with the utmost care and respect as we’re aware that many pieces have sentimental value.

If you’d like some advice and guidance to help you pick the perfect wedding ring, get in touch with the team at Michael Jones Jeweller. We’re based in both in Northampton and Banbury. To contact our Northampton showrooms, call 01604 632 548 for Gold Street or 01604 636 633 for Grosvenor Centre, or call our Banbury showroom on 01295 263 540. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.