What Does Jewellery Say About Your Personality?

What Does Jewellery Say About Your Personality?
We all know first impressions are important, you only get to make one. With image always at the forefront of our minds, we are constantly examining how we are perceived and what type of impression we give to others, this is influenced by so many things like the way we style ourselves or how we speak. There are so many combinations to make a statement about who we are as a person.

What does the jewellery you choose to wear say about you?

We've paired up some personality types with some of our favourite pieces to get you thinking about what jewellery might suit your personality:



A fun-loving individual favours larger jewellery choices. Big hoop earrings, quirky designs, thick dangling necklaces or extravagant rings. In choosing these bold jewellery pieces, maybe it is a sign that this individual is a confident, active, social and bubbly personality. They don’t mind being ‘loud’ in their fashion choices, and they aren’t afraid to wear pieces that others only fantasise about. Typically, these people are the life and soul of the party, incredibly extroverted and often surrounded by groups of people.

Ti Sento Cubic Zirconia Detail Yellow Gold Plated Hoop Earrings


The down-to-earth personality type is defined as someone who is free of pretension and doesn't put on a front, but who is instead simple and straightforward, with acute awareness and an interest in the natural world around them. Typically, down-to-earth personalities gravitate toward simple, sustainable and timeless designs or coordinated sets. Sometimes they may invest in brands that give something back to the community or support causes that are close to their heart.

Alex Monroe Wild Heart Necklace

Classic and Elegant

Classic individuals prefer more timeless, elegant and simple jewellery choices, such as pearl earrings and necklaces, these personality types often love a matching set of precious stones or diamonds for those special occasions This type of personality is a traditionalist in their approach to life, and often very family orientated.

Pearl and Diamond 18ct Rose Gold Necklace


The Best of the Best and Nothing Less

This personality type knows what they want and will not settle for anything else. They live life in the fast lane and care deeply about what they choose to wear. This individual pays great attention to detail, when buying jewellery they want to make sure it's going to be an incredible piece. There is no room for mediocre. These are the people we often turn to when we need advice and guidance.

Fope Flex'It Solo 18ct Yellow & Gold Diamond Ring



Bold statement jewellery wearers are trendsetters. Unafraid to stand out and wear something different from the ordinary, whether it's a vintage piece, pre-loved with a story or a design that's way ahead of the curve. A trendsetter is not bothered about top brands per se, they want jewellery that makes a statement, speaks to them and is a piece of art.
Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil Hook Earrings



Individuals with an active, busy or athletic lifestyle, need jewellery to wear on the go. This personality wants to look good without having to compromise what they enjoy doing. They need jewellery that can keep up with the change from day to night or work to play. The gym bunnies, the working mums and the busy bees among us need simplicity, maybe even customisable or something that they can switch!

Les Georgettes 25mm Ibiza Brass and Silver Plate Cuff


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