Why Buy Pre-Owned Jewellery?

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We find that one of the main reasons people buy pre-owned items is value for money. The price of gold and silver has risen dramatically in the last few years, resulting in pre-owned pieces usually costing much less than an equivalent new modern piece. Jewellery, silverware and watches are very personal items and often hold memories to the owner. Some people can relate to and enjoy the sense of history attached to an older piece of jewellery, which is not present in a modern piece. Styles change over the years. What was once an ‘in’ and fashionable piece of jewellery can quickly become outdated, however it can, as the decades progress, become retro, cool and sought after again. In comparison with older jewellery, today’s styles tend to be more simplistic and minimal.

What are the benefits of buying pre-owned jewellery?

Buying pre-owned jewellery is something that many of us are happy to do, whereas others prefer their jewellery to be brand new. In fairness, it can feel very special being the very first person to own a luxury ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings. However, pre-owned jewellery can come with many hidden benefits that you may not have considered before. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at what the benefits of buying pre-owned jewellery are.

You can own a piece of history - and preserve it for the future

Buying an older piece of jewellery means that you’re buying quality. If it has survived for this long in good condition, then there is no reason why it cannot last much, much longer - giving you the chance to pass it onto the next generations of your family. Every piece of pre-owned jewellery has a story, and the history of a piece can make for a really interesting talking point. Of course, you are unlikely to know exactly what a pre-owned piece of jewellery has witnessed in its time, but that’s part of the mystery and the fun of it! Some would argue that owning a vintage or antique piece is a responsibility; this is a piece of history in which you can play a big part, by ensuring that it is looked after until it is time for it to go to someone else. Preserving history is important for many reasons, and future generations will always be thankful for valuables that have been looked after well and give them insight into their pasts.

You have a wider choice of styles

The range of second-hand jewellery pieces available is huge, as a well-made piece can easily outlast multiple generations if it is looked after properly. With this in mind, a single pre-owned jewellery seller can offer pieces from almost any decade of the 20th century as well as even earlier pieces, giving you a wide variety of designs to choose from. Fashions and trends change all the time, and this is also applied to jewellery. For example, if you are a fan of pale metals, pearls and diamonds, a piece dating to the 1920s is likely to fit the bill. However, if you prefer larger pieces with yellow gold and/ or coloured gemstones, the 1970s produced many striking designs along these lines. Some pieces which would have been considered very fashion-forward in the 1920s – 1960s can have very modern features, with geometric and linear stone settings. Buying pieces like this can allow you the best of both worlds – classic designs which stand the test of time, but still, look modern enough to really make an impact here in the 21st century.

You can generally tell the age of a piece of jewellery by its style

Georgian jewellery is recognisable by simplistic lines. Whilst in comparison, Victorian jewellery is ornate in decoration. The Art Nouveau style came into fashion at the turn of the last century. Inspired by flowing organic shapes Art Nouveau is characterised by stylised flowers, plants and the female form illustrated in a mixture of curved and vertical lines. Art Nouveau was made popular by Liberty & Co. who was established during the same period. Later, the Art Deco movement in the 1920’s and 30’s took its inspiration from the new machine age, tending to be more geometric in design. Generally, these styles are not produced today, although some reproductions are available. Historical styles can be seen mainly in secondhand jewellery sellers, and an ideal place to start your search for the perfect piece. Jewellery making processes are similar to those used hundreds of years ago. However, more modern technology is often used to make the processes more efficient. For example, before the 1930’s & 1940’s diamond cutting was a laborious process and was mainly cut by hand, involving a skilled craftsman analysing each rough crystal. The largest gems are cut from the crystal to produce a beautiful stone with minimal waste. Older cut stones are more individual, as they were hand cut and do not have the precise dimensions as a machine cut stone. During the 1930’s, the older cut was modified until an ideal brilliant-cut was devised. The brilliant-cut was geometrically more efficient at refracting the light within the stone, creating the fire and sparkle that we see today. The modern round brilliant consists of 58 facets (or 57 if the culet is excluded). The brilliant-cut can be applied to any size of diamond; the machine cut ensures that the proportions of the facets and quality of cut are consistent. One craftsman can monitor a number of machines at one time, improving productivity and consistency. Old cut stones are very popular due to their individuality, no two are the same. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery containing old cut diamonds, then you will need to purchase a pre-owned piece, as they are no longer cut by hand.

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