For the Man That Has Everything: Luxury Gifts for Him

A picture of a navy Breitling watch

The man that has everything. We all know one! Whether it’s your partner, brother, father, uncle... it’s no myth that men aren’t exactly the easiest people to buy gifts for. There’s so many female gifts: a collection of scented candles, a spa break, afternoon tea, jewellery and the list goes on. Okay, we know there’s a few men that would probably also love those suggestions too, but in general, “male” gift ideas seem to be so limited! Ideas can be even more limited when the man in your life already has everything he wants. However, luckily for you, Michael Jones Jeweller have got you covered with their gift ideas! Rather than the bog-standard shower gel and socks, treat the man in your life to a touch of luxury. Below, we’ve shared our top ideas for luxury gifts for him; just in time for you to prepare for father’s day in a couple of months time too!

Jewellery & Watches

A picture of a Breitling watch

The king of all luxury gifts for him has got to be a watch! We don’t think there’s a man out there that wouldn’t love to receive a watch as a present. A luxury timepiece is a gift they can really treasure for life. Some of the popular watch choices when looking at luxury gifts for him are Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Tag Heuer. For the man that likes to dress smart, why not gift a new pair of cufflinks? Cufflinks are a gift of sophistication and luxury, making them great for the businessmen in your life. Montblanc and Deakin & Francis are very popular luxury brands for cufflinks.

Jewellery Storage

A picture of a WOLF watch winder

For the man that already has the jewellery, what about jewellery storage? When you invest in luxury jewellery and watches, you want to take care of it and store it effectively to keep its stunning condition. Why not gift your recipient some high-end jewellery storage? WOLF do an amazing range of jewellery storage such as watch winders and storage boxes. Watch winders keep automatic watches running whilst they’re not being worn; these are great if the man you’re gifting something to has many watches he likes to change between.

Clothing Accessories

A picture of a Montblanc belt

Do you know a man that’s into his fashion? Luxury gifts for him land in the clothing accessories section! Belts are a fantastic gift for a man, and Montblanc do some extremely nice ones which are perfect for a luxury present. If you’re from Northampton, head to Thackerays for some great high-end clothing accessories. They offer a wide range of designer clothing accessories such as Hugo Boss ties and Ray Ban sunglasses. We definitely recommend them for a local, luxury clothing store.


A picture of brown Barker shoes

Leading straight on from clothing accessories is shoes! A decent pair of shoes can go a long way...quite literally too. Shoes are a great gift for men and women, providing you choose the right size! Local independent shoe stores such as Dychurch Lifestyle do fantastic luxury shoes which are perfect as a gift, whether it’s for your husband, your brother or even your grandad! A good pair of shoes that will last them for years is something they’ll definitely appreciate.

Stationery & Other Gifts

A picture of a Montblanc Pen

Everyone’s guilty of loving stationery and odd bits & bobs! We know what you’re thinking, can this really be a section in a blog about luxury gifts for him? The answer is yes, there really is such thing as luxury stationery! As well as their cufflinks and belts, Montblanc also do an amazing range of stationery such as pens, pen sleeves and notebooks; add their business card holder to that as well and you’ve made the perfect gift set for a businessman! Hip flasks are also very popular among luxury gifts for him if you know a man that prides himself on his sophistication.

Luxury Gifts for Him at Michael Jones Jeweller

At Michael Jones Jeweller, we know luxury like the back of our hands. We stock an extensive range of luxury gifts for him, from high-end stationery to treasurable timepieces. We don’t just stop at helping you find the perfect gift. We can also offer aftercare services for many of our luxury gifts for him such as watches. Watches are always at risk of blemishes, scratches and dents; everyone’s fear when buying a luxury watch is accidentally scratching it a few months later, which is why we offer our watch refinishing service in our workshop onsite. We’ll handle your timepiece with the utmost care to remove blemishes, scratches and dents and make it look just as good as new. Our other services include battery replacements and servicing & repairs for jewellery and watches.

Come and browse our luxury gifts for him in one of our showrooms. We have two Northampton showrooms; one on Gold Street and one in the Grosvenor Centre. We also have a Banbury showroom based on the High Street. If you’d like to organise a time for one of our expert staff to help you find your perfect gift, give us a call. For Gold Street (our head office), call 01604 632 548. Call 01604 636 633 for the Grosvenor Centre showroom and 01295 263 540 for Banbury. Alternatively, send us a message through our contact form on our website.