What Goes into Watch Servicing and Do You Need It?

A picture of watches being serviced

When you invest in a car, you wouldn’t avoid getting it serviced, right? So why invest in a beautiful timepiece and not invest in watch servicing? You’re probably thinking “how can you compare a big car to a tiny watch?”. But think about it, a car has lots small mechanical parts and a watch also has intricate mechanical parts; both need cleaning and servicing in order to last. A watch runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year with no break, no sleep; you’d need a bit of TLC too if you had to run for that long!

To answer the question “do you need watch servicing?”, yes. When investing in a stunning timepiece, it’s highly recommended that you also invest in getting it serviced. In general, most would recommend getting your watch serviced every 5 years. However, this can vary with some saying 4 and some saying as many as 10; we’d suggest 3-5 years.

Can Anything Affect the Period of Time Between Watch Servicing?

Yes, there’s certain conditions that could either prolong the time between watch servicing or result in you needing it earlier. If you wear your watch regularly and always store it properly when you’re not wearing it, you could extend the period of time between needing a service. However if you do notice the beat rate changing even when you wear it regularly and store it correctly, it’s worth booking a service.

Water can also affect the time between getting your timepiece serviced. If you regularly wear your watch in water, whether it’s just in your daily shower or you’re a diver, 5 years is suggested as the maximum amount of time between getting it serviced. The last thing you want is your calibre flooded with lots of water! Regular watch servicing can ensure that your timepiece remains water resistant.

What Is the Process of Watch Servicing?

A watch servicing procedure is not a short process. As we mentioned earlier, watches are intricate mechanical items; they’re made up of tiny mechanical parts. All of these parts need to handled with the utmost care! There’s quite a few steps in the watch servicing procedure; below, we’ve given a brief summary of the process.

Take It Apart

A watch being disassembled

Step number one is to take the watch apart bit by bit. In this step, the bracelet/strap is removed from the watch, the movement is removed and the case is broken down into its individual components. This may seem like an easy step, but it’s so important that this is done correctly to avoid any damage to the watch.

Time to Clean

The next step is to give everything a bit of a polish and a clean. Again, great care is taken in this step. Specific watch cleaning machines and tools are used to clean and polish the different parts of your timepiece.


A picture of part of a watch being replaced

Each and every part of your watch then gets assessed to see if there’s any damage or rusting. If required, anything that does have damage is then replaced; only genuine manufacturer approved parts are used for replacements.

Assemble the Movement

The next step in the watch servicing procedure is to assemble the movement back together. Extreme care is taken in this step to ensure that the watch performs correctly when reassembled. Once assembled, the movement is then regulated.


If there’s any dents or scratches on your watch, this is when they’ll be removed. Removing dents or scratches from a watch is a very intricate process. After this, your watch would be given a final finish and another deep clean before the clean case is then reassembled.


The penultimate step in the watch servicing process is testing the watch. Various tests are done to ensure that your timepiece is fully functioning; some of these tests include time checking and pressure testing for water resistance.

Quality Control

To finish off, your watch is given a final check over to check aspects such as timing accuracy and the overall aesthetics of your timepiece. Finally, once everything is as it should be, your watch servicing is complete and your watch can be given back to you as good as new.

Reliable Watch Servicing

Watch servicing shouldn’t be done by anyone, it should be done by specialists that have the knowledge and experience needed to service your watch without creating any damage on your timepiece. At Michael Jones Jeweller, we have specialists in watch servicing, including refinishing, replacements and repairs. Not only that, but we can do it all in-house in our watch repair workshop, and we aim for a quick turnaround, whilst not rushing the process. No matter the brand, we handle each and every watch given to us for servicing with the utmost care it needs to ensure that no damage is incurred. Some of the brands we are authorised to repair include Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Longines and more.

In addition to watch servicing, we also offer various other jewellery servicing and repairs, including ring sizing, restringing and restoration of antique pieces. Get in touch with the team in our Head Office/Gold Street showroom on 01604 632 548 to book an appointment or to find out more.