Breathe New Life Into Your Old Jewellery With Bespoke

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Gold has been one of the most popular metals in jewellery-making for centuries and is highly valued by people and cultures all over the world. However, gold can be rather costly because of its ever-rising market value. On a more ethical note, the extraction process of gold has led to environmental and ethical degradation. The most logical answer to these problems is to recycle your old jewellery, like that ring your Great Grandmother left for you. You love it. It has sentimental value. But, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re not really sure it’s completely your style…

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You can still enjoy the jewellery you’ve inherited by breathing new life into it. How can you do this? By resetting your sentimental piece of heirloom jewellery. You can transform your Great Grandmother’s ring, that beautiful piece of history, into something more fitting to your style and match a more modern style. By upcycling old pieces of gold, you are being especially kind to the environment by reducing toxic pollution. Not only this, but you’re saving yourself money - and all the while, you’re keeping Great Grandmother happy too. Through breathing life into old jewellery, you can have something new, unique, and yet still have something that holds sentimental value - win, win!

Redesign & repurpose your old jewellery with bespoke jewellery from Michael Jones Jeweller

If you have pieces of jewellery that you don’t want to let go of, but don’t necessarily want to keep locked up in the draw, we here at Michael Jones Jeweller would love to hear from you and help turn an old piece into something different and up-to-date. Turn a bracelet into a ring, add precious stones, or even turn an heirloom piece into a wedding band. How can you transform your old jewellery into something new? Contact our jewellery workshop team here at Michael Jones Jeweller, and use our bespoke jewellery room service. Our highly trained jewellers can help create something brand new or repair a beloved piece of jewellery. We’re happy to help with any service or repair enquiries that you may have.

Sell your old jewellery responsibly

If you don’t fancy changing your old pieces, but still want to responsibly invest in jewellery, we also buy gold & precious metals for their scrap value in any of our showrooms. Interested in selling your old jewellery? Contact us today by visiting our showrooms on Gold Street Northampton, in the Grosvenor Centre Northampton, and at our store in Banbury. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01604 632 548, or fill out our online contact form.